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Submitted by melissa 
(Aug 16, 2002)

Philip pullman is truly a legend! How someone could come up with such enchanted stories i really don't know? Do u? His Dark materials had me sitting on the edge of my seat the whole way and i found it almost impossible to put the books down!Once i had read 'Northern Lights'and go over the devistation of Rodger's death i couldn't wait to read on! 'The Subtle Knife' was just as amazing and @ times i felt like i was Lyra and this was my quest. Then there was 'The Amber Spyglass' which was just as good as the others if not better but i really didn't want it to end and as i read the last few pages i felt all the emotions a book can give you: Sad when Mrs Coulter and Lord Arisel died but happy that Will and Lyra were re-united with there deamons. Then bewilderd when i read the last chapter @ the fact that this was the end and there would be no sequal then once again devestated when Lyra and Will had to part!
These are the most spell-binding books i hav ever read and event though i am only fourteen i doubt if any other book will have such an effect on the way i look @ life and death, good and evil as much as this one did!
So what are you waiting for if you haven't read these books go now and find a copy and let your soul be taken in by these totaly amazing magical stories!

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