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Submitted by Atle 
(Oct 25, 2004)

On "The Saga of Recluce"

I first started reading this series a good while back when the "Fall of Angels" had just come out. I remember standing there looking at the cover in the magazine store and wondering if I should risk buying this book since I could see that it would be a mix of sci-fi and fantasy (not into sci-fi). When I saw Robert Jordans remark on the front cover it convinced me and I bought the book, since then I have read the series 2 times and find myself impatient like a child waiting for the next book in the series.

I found the order of the books a bit confusing as I started reading in mixed order, but it didn't really matter. Modesitt jr. takes into account allmost every aspect of life and molds it into something facinateing and exiting instead of dull and boring. It takes skill to mix in so much ordinary life into a fantasy setting and still manage to captivate the reader.

An incredible series. Modesitt j.r is at the top of the podium along with Robert Jordan, Raymond E. Feist, J.R.R.T. and Katharine Kerr.

Submitted by Linda Zoldoske
(Mar 13, 1999)

Modesitt is one of my favorite authors. I was first introduced to him through one of the Recluse books and have madly sought every other book he has written since then. The Recluse books are my favorites by a slim margin but there is such a nice story there that I have read them over and over again.

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