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Submitted by Josh 
(May 05, 2009)

This guy has been busy, looking around I have found twelve of his books and just read his latest called A Boy Named Michael. This poor kid had one mighty weird childhood, forced to work in the fields and being abused by an older cousin who he finally escapes only to be preyed on by older women. He meeds a crop duster who teaches him to fly and after that things improve. He ends up married to a Louisiana girl and makes it all the way to General in the air force. That wife of his is something else too, she flies everything she can get hold of and of course her husband being a General that is everything the air force has. She is even a Mats pilot and flies the big passenger jets. Loved the book. It may be a little strong for some but things happen to children just like the book says. I would say it was a great read. The guy writes like he was sitting in an easy chair telling you a story.

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