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(May 20, 2006)

It is alway satisfying when an author learns his or her craft while writing a series. It's even nicer when said writing craft is learned early in the process. Lisanne Norman's storytelling ability improved at lightning speed after the first book in the Sholan series hit the bookstores. Once beyond the initial meeting and bonding of the primary characters, Carrie and Kusac, in TURNING POINT, a viable civilization begins to emerge and develop. The Sholans, while feline-based, are not so different from humans. As we watch them deal with very real problems, an alien threat thought to be taken care of and a head-on collision with a society which denies psi powers, we become the Sholans fighting for our place in space and our right to exist.

Ms. Norman learned her writing craft and proves it with characters developed to a razor sharpness and with plotting which embodies Murphy's Law: if anything can go wrong it will at the worst possible time and in the worst possible way. Once the action moves from the planet Keiss to the Sholan ship and on to the Sholan homeworld the reader is thrust into non-stop action through growing characters.

What a reading joy it has been to find the Sholan universe. I will be truly sorry to read the end.

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