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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jan 01, 2006)

The Paradise War was my introduction to this wonderful author. By far one of the best story slingers to date, Lawhead generates characters that will live on in your mind for years to come. The Paradise War series is complete tale, not one of those that leaves 7/10th of the plot points until the last eight pages, crams each of them into what barely qualifies as a paragraph, and leaves the reader feeling cheated. I highly recommend this series in addition to his other works.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 11, 2005)

Stephen R. Lawhead's work is great! I have read four of his books (The Paradise War, The Silver Hand, The Endless Knot, and Avalon: Return of King Arthur) and I enjoy each one more than the last. Everytime I sit down to read one of his stories I never want to get back up. I wish the story would never end. I get attached to his characters like no one else's. They are great.

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