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Dragon Master by Chris Bunch

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Submitted by Jia Jun 
(Mar 09, 2009)

I have the complete set of the series as i think it is written very well. The first book disallowed me to put it down until i read it to the end, so i bought all the three books. Up till now, I reread the whole series at least eleven times. But there seems to be some errors here and there on the second and third book, not to mention the sudden ending and some unexplained events.

Firstly, in book two, I do not believe that Danikel, Baron Trochu would just die like what Alcmean had said. More like he deserted. Remember those letters he got from a woman, if queen Norcia is still alive then, I have a hunch that she wrote those letters, asking him for help. Maybe they had been acquainted before or something. Then Danikel sympathised her and deserted the First Dragon Squardron to help her.

And, near the end of the book two, didn't Hachir vanished into the clouds while fighting Yasin and did not come out? Why did he appear out of nowhere in book three wanting to join Hal's expedition to the West.

In book three, Hal and Limingo sensed that there are magic down the staircase in the city of the Hnid, but there seemed to be no explanations to that. And the ending was rather uprupt.

My guess at Chris's intent on writing the story that way was giving us moral examples and giving us a shot at finishing the story ourselves.

Lord Cantabri dies at the beginning of the book, I guess Chris Bunch was saying that life can end just likde that without warning. And Hal's marriage "crashing into the rocks", he's telling us that our story does not always end as "and they all lived happily ever after".

And the abrupt ending, well, I can't say for sure, but I wrote my version of book four,the continuation and explanations for the story. I'm really sorry that he died in 2005 though, or i would have asked him why he wrote that way.

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