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Belgariad by David Eddings

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 24, 2010)

This book is kinda slow. Thats a fact, but I love this book! It is mysterious, funny and just is a awesome book. It is more of an advanced read. I would not recomend it for a inexperianced reader. It is also a pretty deep book with strong feelings and needs to be taken pretty siriusly. If you are reading it becouse you have to it will just be boring and just not the fun it is supposed to be. i love this book!

Submitted by wishbone 
(Jan 11, 2007)

i'm a 13 yr old girl and i first read this serires when i was about 11 or 12 and i am absolutely in love with them, i've read the entire series so many times it's not funny, and i've read the other series as well. now don't get me mixed up her i'm not one of those quiet kids that read in the library at lunchtime, i do sport and have a social life, adn this book just totally appealed to me. the characters are soooo brilliant, they totally absorb you into the book, adn the humor works great. the plot is fantastic, not too predictable, and enought surprises to make you want to turn the page. the setting is great and you can form really good menntal pictures. theres not too much more i can add, but you don't want to read just one book, if you read this one, or even just this series, you've got to read all the ones concerning Garion adn co.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 15, 2006)

I think this is a very good book as it captures your imagination and takes you away to a world you have never known before, full of immortal sorcerers and rocks which have a mind of their own.

Submitted by Randal 
(Oct 14, 2006)

By the time I was 15, I had read over 100,000 pages of fantasy literature. In all of this, I never encountered an author with a greater mastery of language than David Eddings.

I have read most of his books and, similar to many other fans, I find the Belgariad and the Malloreon to be his greatest works. This is only because I prefer the world he created in these series to those he created in others.

It is amusing when people criticize authors for repeating what has already been done before. Those with little experience may belabor this point but those who are well-read realize this is just how it is. All authors borrow certain themes and attempt to integrate it in their own, unique way. David Eddings is the master of this. When you read his books, his take on many common fantasy themes BECOMES the world you see.

David Eddings is my favorite author. The beauty of his writing, the inspiration and power with which he writes, and his ever so witty and amusing story telling will enthrall you. You will love his books!

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 14, 2006)

After reading the first book, unless you are really thick, you can tell everything thatís going to happen. I was reluctant to finish the series due to this, but because I'm weak, I finished it anyway.

It's alright, I'd say definitely for very young people because the plot is so simple, perhaps younger that 12 year olds.

Garion seemed so helpless when he was a teenager? Yet he is always described as healthy, and on the odd occasion muscular? His character doesn't seem realistic to me, as a 15 year old (or whatever he was) wouldn't behave in such a childish manner, with no oral defence.

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