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Dreamers, The by David Eddings

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Submitted by Spokanite 
(Jun 09, 2013)

I have been a fan of Eddings for years, starting with the Belgariad. I own every one of his books, having recently bought The Dreamers. I\'m currently about half way through the third book of The Dreamers and have been getting more and more fed up with the plot progress and dialog.

Mr. Eddings has taken up the form in this series of repeating each event of meaning from nearly every character\'s perspective. This is a very efficient way of turning a 100 page book into a 600 page book, but is highly irritating. Add to that the \"magical intervention\'s\" at the end of the first two books (cannot speak to the third or fourth) which obviate all of the characters\' labors, and you have a superior waste of time.

In trying not to spoil the story for those who intend to read the series, I will just say that at the end of books one and two, the God\'s just \'wave their hands\', all of the enemies die, and \'voila\', the book is over. Pretty much like Mr. Eddings came up with a short idea, repeated the same sequence of events several times from different perspectives while repeating the same lines from the same characters as frequently as possible, then realized he didn\'t have a decent conclusion to the story segment so invoked authorial omnipotence and wiped the slate clean.

I kept waiting for the form of writing to improve or some something substantive in the plot to happen, but the form has remained the same, and the incessant replaying of the same \'clever witticisms\' from the same characters really started to get to me. I found myself reading faster and faster, breezing through sections in an effort to find something redeeming in the prose. At 260 pages into book three (Crystal Gorge), I finally woke up to the fact that this series is a complete waste of time, not at all worthy of being included among the ranks of Mr. Eddings\' prior work.

I will not be finishing these books. When I started writing this review I was thinking they\'d go to the local Goodwill store for resale, but I cannot do that to another reader. The Dreamers series is going directly into the garbage where it belongs. That is very sad, and as is evidenced by my library is a very rare thing for me to do. I am profoundly disappointed.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 11, 2009)

Having heard of Eddings and willing to discover more fantasy litterature I went for The Dreamers (at least the 3 first books).. to my greatest disappointment..
So predictable, redundant (same scenario for each book with the same boring characters) and obviously bad in character's dialogs, etc.. that I had to discover something else from Eddings to be sure there were not all the same.
I am now starting The Belgariad serie (thanks to some reviews I read in here) and it's a recomfort.

If you are willing to discover Eddings don't start by The Dreamers!!

Submitted by 
(Oct 28, 2009)

Not having read any of David Eddings books before this but Loving the genre I found this book very good compared to others I've read. After reading this series I tried to read his older ones and found I couldn't. I didn't find them as exciting as this one was. The Dreamers series was the best thing I've read in years.

there were several characters you could try to relate to and the humor was something I greatly enjoyed. While others dont seem to enjoy the books I've found that I have.

Submitted by Joan L 
(Oct 16, 2009)

I am very disappointed in this series.

I have been a long time fan of David Eddings and enjoyed the first three volumes of this set, although the plots were sometimes predictable, and the characters not as well rounded as in previous books.

The final volume however was abysmal.
The same scenes repeated over and over from different people's perspectives, as though he couldn't make up his mind which point of view was best, was irritating to say the least, but the ending was about the worst that I have ever read.

That 'it never happened' idea did not work for Dallas, and doesn't work here.

All right so Longbow gets a happy ending, but what about everyone else?
The evil church that got wiped out, is now back in existence; the people who had talked about wiping out slavery now never had that talk; Rabbit now never has his true talents recognised; Narasan would be back to begging; the Maags and Trogs would never have made friends; and the goddess who died, would not have dones so because the war never happened!
Poorly thought out, hurriedly written. I can only assume a deadline loomed too close.

If you are thinking of buying it, I would advise borrowing it instead. Don't waste your money.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Aug 18, 2009)

Having read and enjoyed Edding's previous series, I was extremely disappointed in the dreamers set. I waited until all books were out and purchase all so as to bee able to read at one time. It's not unusual to take a while to get into new characters and plot... but this time it never happened. Forced myself to finish. Took a month and a half (expected
one or two weeks) and was glad when finished. Never got into any characters, plot was simple, predictable and repititious. Hard to believe this was written by the same author that brought us the classic Belgariad and Mallrean series. Don't waste your time or money.

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