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Crown of Stars by Kate Elliott

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 12, 2002)

I love this series so much!!! I can't wait for more books!! (there will be some, right?!?)
The story of Alain and Tallia is so funny!!! (I've been secretly hoping that the guy gets the girl, like in a lot of books, but this adds a twist to the whole religious thing that Tallia has mixed with Alain and his supposed "Aunt's" rules!)
Zacharis...... I can't forget him! I totally understand his point of view on Kansi-lari: it must be so weird to be around her and her "pagan" ways. I would love to hear about his Grandmother's life.
Liath (a.k.a. Liathano) is the best (of course.... I look up to her with how she deals with difficult situations and King Henry's secret attraction)!!!!!! I wonder if her mom or dad put a spell on her so that she is incredibly beautiful to everyone she meets (even though she does look pretty on the cover of the Burning Stone).
Sanglant (Sawnglawnt) is pretty cool too! I don't know how on earth he survived Bloodheart. He must be pretty hot (hehe!!) to have all those girls like him.
Stronghand....... I want to know more about him.
Ivar........ .I want to know more about his childhood with Rosvita and how they both came to be in the church.
Hanna, the snowmaiden, is cool...... but why is she always cold???
The Dead Queens, they're pretty creepy, but they fit into the book really well.

Overall, AWESOME book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Collector

Submitted by Assman 
(Jun 04, 2002)

On the whole an excellent series that is worth praise.

The books are however for fantacy lovers and not newcomers. At times the history of the world in which the novels are set can be taxing to read and be confusing. It is also based too much around the religious point of view for my tastes. But some like heavy detailed description and history.

I know authors don't like their books compared to others, well too bad. The series in my opnion is up there with the best, and can be compared with the likes of the sword of truth series (Terry Goodkind) for the scale and the way in which the books flows and introduces characters.

E mail me and tell me how wrong i am!!!!!

Submitted by 
(Nov 23, 2001)

the first time I read King's Dragon, it was kinda boring, mostly because the story went on so slow. the second time I read it, it was okay, but Prince of Dogs really caught my interest. I would've stopped reading the series if I didn't buy King's Dragon and Prince of Dogs all at once. Liath annoyed me at first, but I got to like her in Prince of Dogs and Burning Stone. Alain was immediately my favorite, I have no idea why. Sanglant was second fav, but got replaced by Fifth Son (or Stronghand) in Prince of Dogs. Rosvita was okay in the first book, but she got REALLY annoying in the second book. Why'd she keep on bugging Liath? Theophanu is cool, and Sapientia is bratty, but I got a little sympathetic on the third book. Ekkhard was annoying from the first, and remains annoying. Hanna's and Ivar's stories were okay, but they didn't get particularly interesting until the third book. Why did Alain and TALLIA get married? WHY did Sanglant and Liath get married?(I call The Burning Stone 'the marriage book' now...Alain-Tallia, Liath-Sanglant, Henry-whatsisname...the Aostan queen...) Liath and Sanglant were good until they got married. the most interesting thing that happened after they did was 1) Liath had a baby(that was to be expected), 2) the attack by the galla. Tallia was unbearable. they FINALLY got divorced, even though it got Alain disinherited. I kinda expected Liath and Alain to get together, but the story didn't work that way. The thing I like most about this series is that its unpredictable. Each book reveals something about the story that surprises you. Kate Elliot is a awesome writer. I cant wait till I buy the forth book.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 29, 2001)

I think these books are great and I wish that the next in the series would BE PUBLISHED A LITTLE QUICKER!!! I found that Kate Elliot had a great way of portraying every single character that you meet, especially Liath and Alain. Although some things can get a little annoying (and boring) in this is the whole religion thing. With almost every paragraph there is something about the Lady and Lord. I love the way that Ms. Elliot makes the book come alive, almost as if you were standing right next to the characters as the book progressed. My favourite parts in the 'Crown of Stars' series is with Liath, Alain and Sanglant. I usually find parts that are based on Fifth Son (Stronghand), Ivar, Henry and Rosvita dull and boring, though I read them anyway. Still, Kate Elliot (in my opinion) had a HUGE success in writing these books, and I can't wait until the 5th book comes out, although I have heard it wont be released in the UK until the 7th of November 2002. Massive thanks to my dad for getting me the first book for my Birthday!!! I give these books 9/10, and they are now on my favourites list!

Submitted by Crimson Twist 
(Aug 17, 2001)

I think this is an amazing series.The first 2 particularly, I don't think I thought about anything else in my life but the characters' plights while I was reading.My first love was Sanglant but by The Burning Stone, I am really quite fond of Alain- and Tallia drives me nuts!!!OH! I love the mysteries to be found out, of hidden descendants and all the backstabbing intrigues! The Burning Stone I am a little disappointed in, The religious and astrology stuff is getting to be a little too much and of course since Liath and Sanglant are married now it's just no fun anymore. Some of the characters I found more boring are getting to be more important and well, maybe it'll pick up in Child of Flame. But overall, this series is great, and I want some more!!

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