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Crown of Stars by Kate Elliott

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Submitted by robb 
(Aug 02, 2001)

The crown of Stars series is absolutely brilliant. Kate Elliot has created a believable fantasy world and the four books in the series weave a brilliant fantasy epic instead of a silly adventure. The main thing that sets this apart from a lot of fantasy books is that everything is a lot more believable as the world is modelled on medieval Europe. This does drag a bit though when the similarities become too obvious. The main plot is also very interesting and so are the many subplots. The large number of subplots actually make a richer picture of the world. The characters are well drawn with good names like Ivar (one of my favourite characters). This series is a must buy if your looking for some intelligent fantasy novels.

Submitted by azaz 
(Jun 07, 2001)

A Excellent series, yet uncomplete, waiting for the fifth and last book in the series. The world building and description is very good, the Characters are excellent. Alain, Liath and Sanglant are very good characters. The part that lets down the book is too much religious stuff, which can get annoying, and the Kings youngest son who is stupid. Overall a very good series, can't wait till the fifth book which will be called, 'Crown of Stars'.

Submitted by Kamarile
(Sep 25, 2000)



Okay, that should be enough to warn you.

I really didn't like King's Dragon when I first read it.. in fact it was so slow to start off with that I put it down for a while. My dad read it and said it was really good, and that I should try again. King's Dragonwas okay, but Prince of Dogs is fantastic. (is that a trend with female fantasy authors? You notice that the second books in the Robin Hobb trilogies far surpass the first). The Burning Stone would've been great, except WHY DID LIATH HAVE TO MARRY THAT STUPID SANGLANT???!!!!! Well, maybe marrying him wasn't so bad, just WHY DID SHE HAVE TO HAVE A STUPID KID???!!!! ARRRRRGH!

Sanglant kind of annoys me, and Alain to a certain extent, but not that much. Throughout the first two books I kep wondering how long it was going to take Liath and Alain to hook up. I mean, when you see the seperate biographies of two characters of the opposite sex on the back cover of a book, what do you expect? The fact that they DON'T hook up is something of a miracle. Kudos to Ms. Elliott for breaking that stereotype.

Now, who do I like as a character?

I like that guy-whose-name-starts-with-an-'I'-but-I-can't-remember-who-it-is, Ivan or something.

Liath is super until she gets married, for as we know, marriage and coming of age are death sentances to an interesting female character.

I like Fifth Son.

I really like Theophanu, but Saptienna seems irritating and bratty, which I'm sure Ms. Elliott intended.

Read this series. It's very good. Kate Elliott is one of the most underrated writers in the genre. I give A Crown of Stars an 8 out of ten.

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