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Runelords by David Farland

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Submitted by Adam Johnson 
(Dec 12, 2002)

A joy to read and easy to comprehend, David Farland weaves a story of heroism and glory accompanied by dark deeds and cold-blooded murder. An epic fantasy that enraptures the reader and leaves them craving to read more of David Farland's work!

Submitted by Canaris 
(Sep 16, 2002)

These books are a fun read. Nothing that will turn your head , or will make jump on adrenaline.

They basic story is refreshing and very beaten track at the same time.

The concet of magic is better than in most fantasy books and with a completely new aproach. But than again the end is laid out for you , the minute you have read the first pages.

You know how its going to end, who becomes lover and who is going the to save "that" world.

Nevertheless. Fun read. Easy page turners for a beach holiday

Submitted by 
(May 27, 2002)

The Runelords is probably one of the finest series of books I have ever read. It is greatly possible that the best, and it has quite a lineup of other literary works to compete against: Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings," McCaffrey's "Gryphon series," Terry Brooks "Shannara stories," Piers Anthony's "Xanth stories," and much more from Ray Bradybury to Orsen Scott Card. It has so much detail in this fantasy world, with vivid details and transitions in characters, and always creating a new roadblock in his stories for the protagonists to overcome. I suggest anyone who enjoys fantasy novels, but hates having to read an entire score of books to catch up to the author to start the Runelords novels NOW!! It can only get better after "The Wizardborn," the third book in this amazing series!

Submitted by ben morton 
(Feb 09, 2002)

Hi I got the first book SUM OF ALL MEN free. I started to read and thought it was he best fantasy story Iv'e ever read or heard of. Then I surfed the net and found the second book and it arrived in time for x-mas, a long time ago. I thought both the books are fantastic and I have been anticipating the second book for 2 years now. Im happy I've found it and hope to get it soon. I think that Raj Athen will be destroyed by Daylan Hammer in the end. I would like to thank David Farland for writing such fine books and entertaining alot of people, especially myself!

Submitted by James 
(Jan 13, 2002)

I have just read the first book in the series, I found it an admirable read. I have read hundreds of books some truly great works, some not quite worth the paper they were written on (in my opinion), but I always try to give the Author the benefit of the story, I'll admit some times it's easy some times it's infuriating (that I spent money on an escape only to be riped off) but live and learn.They're most likley working in a corner store in Oklahoma now. But after reading some of the reviews the other readers have sent in I thought I should send one of my own, so here it is Runelords IS original possibly not so much in it's premise, or in it's character development or underlying theme, for that go back approx. 4000 years. The story is what counts and the story IS good and well written. The Ideas fresher than most, lets face it people, there are only Four story lines in Fantasy 1 FIGHT FOR/ 2 FIGHT AGAINST/ 3 WIN THROUGH/ 4 BECOME MORE. So on a scale of 1-10 I give this series a seven for original thought and execution. I also believe it unfair to Hold other Authors up to each other as some have done with Brooks, Jordan, Eddings, Tolken or any other they may care to mention, their stories, their books, leave it at that.

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