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Serpentwar Saga, The by Raymond E. Feist

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Nov 30, 2003)

This is a fascinating series, full of plot twists and gripping action. These are books you could sit up for hours reading, and that's saying something, coming from me. However one slight criticism may be that there are too many characters. But on the whole, VERY good -one of the best books i've read.

Submitted by tommy 
(Dec 12, 2002)

The serpentwar saga is truly one of the greatestv works in the genre.It has everything a fantasy fan would want ,war and magic. I believe the characters of Eric and Roo are fantastic and the epic scale of the plot makes it wonderful reading.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 31, 2002)

Im glad that my mother made me read the glory that is Raymond E. Feist. His books are truly an epic reading experience. The characters are appealing and it is fast-paced action. It will delight readers of fantasy. It is a good place for those who have not yet discovered Feist to discover the wonderful fantasy worlds that he creates.

Submitted by Sparhawk 
(Aug 30, 2002)

Cool sequel to the "Riftwar-saga" from the hands of a true master of the genre.
Tons of magic and war, interesting characters, wonderful style. Nearly as good as the original series.

Submitted by Aidan Walters 
(Jun 20, 2002)

This is a great set of books that I recommend to anyone. It is the best of Feist's works (bar 'Magician' which is unsurpassed by any author) and I have read them all. All of the characters are realist and although the plot gets slightly unbelievable at timesit is still great. My only problems are that the last book, 'Shards of a Broken Crown', takes the action away from von darkmoor and Roo Avery and is not as good as the other three books. Another problem is that Roo Avery's character is obviously nicked from Matrim Cauthron from the wheel of time.

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