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skellig by David Almond

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Submitted by david 
(Apr 21, 2009)

I didnít like Skellig as much as I thought I would, it was predictable and boring. The main character Michael was too interested in Skellig to care for much else, to me he paid more attention to Skellig than the baby, and himself. Mina was a very strange child. I donít agree with her theory about not going to school, how can you get anywhere in life without an education. I also thought it went too deep into the Ďangelí aspect. It didnít really make sense why the only angel in the world has been sitting down in a garage eating insects for decades. But I liked some aspects of the book, I enjoyed the way it made you think about what you are reading. Sometimes I had to go back and read the passage again, to try and understand it. Also the way it linked to other things in life, like the town in Ireland called Skellig Michael. And the way that all aspects of Mina related to William Blakeís poems, I found that very interesting and made me appreciate the amount of effort put into the book. In that way it was a great read, but, the plot of the book was not the greatest and its biggest downfall. I would not recommend this book to all people. You can give it a go, but, the book is quite predictable. I figured out what Skellig was as soon as Michael found the lumps on his back. I give it 3 out

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