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The Magister Trilolgy by C.S. Friedman

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Submitted by Cassandra 
(Mar 09, 2009)

Man... so I just finished the book called A Feast of Souls by C.S. Friedman and OMG, it was SO EXCELLENT!!! I really love reading, and I was just so excited that I had time to read when I got back from Japan. It took me like a week to finish this one, but it was 600 pages and I was taking my time :P But regardless, the point is that I just get this rush when I finish a good book, and I'm just SO excited for it!!! And so then it makes me wonder, well, why was it such a good book?

The first thing that comes to mind is Prince Andovan. He was the true hero in this book, I think. He was dying from the very beginning, because he was a Magister 's(Kamala/Lianna) consort. So from the very beginning his strength was getting drained, he was fighting against his VERY soul to keep going and to continue fighting for what he believes in. Against all odds he goes out to search for the person who was sapping his strength. Even when he knows he is dying, he comes to help his mother in her fight against the ikati for their very world. He asks Kamala to destroy the ikati, even when she tells him it will kill him. Without hesitating, he tells her to do it. He sacrifices himself for his people, to give others a chance at life. He cares about his family... after his father (who is completely insane at this point) kills his firstborn son, he runs to stop him kill his mother, even when it will probably mean his own life. Against all odds he fights against the world, to save it, to save his family... and that just really impressed me. It really is true what the Dark Knight movie said about being good and dying young or else turning evil. All the true heroes have untimely deaths, because they put themselves in the face of danger in order to help others. That's true heroism right there. So, yeah. Prince Andovan is my hero :P

Additionally, I think the world in this book is very creative and interesting. The human politics, the society, how the magic works, the characters... they're just all so excellent! Oh, and the plot too, but I think you really have to have these excellent other things at the same time. Like, it's not just a creative plot that really makes a story. I could think up all kinds of creative fantasy things. But what really makes the story is the way that the plot is told. The writing style, the world, the characters, the magic system... all of these things together are what truly makes a great story. And I really love that XD

Yes, so EVERYONE should read a Feast of Souls by C.S. Friedman if you have not already :)

And love for Prince Andovan!!! <333

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