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The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by Matt 
(Jun 13, 2013)

I first began the sword of truth series several years back around the time \'Phantom\' came out. The most interesting factor of the book was how hauntingly dark it was compared to most other fantasy novels I have read. Although I hadn\'t read any of the previous novels, I found it hard to put down as the intensity of certain situations left me, at times, abhorred yet drawn in at the same time. I purchased \'Confessor\' in 2007 and found it to be a relatively satisfying conclusion to the small fraction of the series of which I had read. After coming home from college and seeing the dusty book on the shelf, I decided that I wanted to read the first book in the series and found it a much more interesting read than the last two of the books put together. While I haven\'t touched any of the other 8 books in the 11 book series, I believe that only one more book would have been necessary to link the three I have already read. Goodkind conjures up dark, compelling imagery and contrasts it with blissful, euphoric imagery to create a dramatic but beautiful world. However, the length with which Goodkind dragged the Sword of Truth series is a factor that makes me glad I only read the first and the last two of this series.

Submitted by Sunny2234 
(Mar 06, 2011)

I was given the chance to read the series right before I began my senior year in college, and I must admit that it is by far the most interesting series I have ever read. From Wizard's First Rule to Soul of the Fire (reading at the moment) the plot thickens and it gets better. When I read a good book, I get the most gripping tingle in my stomach and it just will not go away when I read each book. I finished the first four books in two weeks and I had to stop for two days because I was absolutely blown away. I have never read many fantasy books before this series that I liked or even loved for that matter. However, I absolutely love The Sword of Truth Series. I have never held a book longer than 400 pages and I was a little intimidated by the size at first, but it did not stop me from reading it. Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd grow and learn throughout the trials and tests they are put through. Yes, at times the story does repeat rather useless facts about the characters outfits and manner, but that is exactly why it is so good. It just makes it more compelling. I believe that each story begins with the introduction to those people to let the reader know who they are and what they represent. To me it makes The Sword of Truth Series more real. Thank you to Terry Goodkind for creating a world that I wish I could live in.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 12, 2010)

I want to start by saying that I have read every book in this series at least once. The only one I read just once was "The Pillars of Creation." I tried to read it a second time, but it was just so DULL. I could hardly get through it the first time.

The others I enjoyed infinently better, especially "Phantom" and "Confessor" and, especially, "Faith of the Fallen." THe only one I had some trouble with was "Blood of the Fold." It seemed like there was no point to it, but it was very well written. I admire Terry Goodkind very much for his talent. I hope to publish my own book which is half as well thought of as his excellent series.

Some of the names in the series are rather unimaginative [like Seeker of Truth, Keeper, Creator, and Underworld] but were well balanced by other names [like Zeddicus 'Zul Zorrander and Prince Fyren]. I rather enjoyed the many different peoples, such as the Baka Ban Mana, the Majendi, and the Mud People.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable series. I recomend it only if you are comfortable with casual references to sex and lots of bloody scenes.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 03, 2010)

Okay, well I love this series out of all the books I have read-which is a few but one of the reasons I like it so much is the charaters and the intensity. It goes right to the core of the charater and not many books do that. You then can conect to the charater, know why they are acting that way and why they might think that. Also I think its good because then you can guess what they might do- one thing I like with that is when you turn out wrong and you just sit there and go ooow!
I like the story line but towards the end of the series it goes a bit crap. I one thing that I is important is never make the main charater too powerful. And this happens in the book, Richard is powerful- very powerful but to balance it out he can't use his power properly. I think that makes it better- more balanced.
Richard is a great, strong charater, the way he acts, the way lives in the book, I think he is a role model. He forgives, he has kindness to every one, helps when help is needed and most of all loves when some one needs love- like with the mord-smith.
Over all I say this book is a great story and we should learn from it.

Submitted by Leah 
(Sep 27, 2010)

Although the Pellinor Series are the first books that got me into reading, the Sword of Truth Series is what has kept me reading. The Sword of Truth Series isn't JUST something to entertain us, it is also a lesson on life (not just ONE lesson on life, but many lessons). Many of the things in his books are symbolic of things in today's world. He doesn't JUST have the usual world themes; his books have a myriad of themes depending on which part you focus on. His stories are uniquely crafted and well written. They portray Richard's world for what it is. He writes the good, the bad, and the ugly (things most kids my age wouldn't care to hear about). The thematic elements in his books are profoundly honest. His books are the absolute best and most utterly amazing books I've read. They are a lifestyle. I applaud him greatly and thank him for them.

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