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Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by Jovanie 
(Oct 15, 2009)

This book is great. I believe it's good that the main character can experience sexuality, and love, but I believe that the most important theme of this book is that love hurts, and that there isnt anthying like it, but ask yourself, if you were part of a prophecy who would you want to marry satan or thanatos. I know i want thanatos. this book is both enchanting and entertaining, I recommend it to any music lover. I swear when you read this book you'll have some laughs, cries or want to be a gypsy.

Submitted by Bryan N 
(Dec 26, 2005)

I'm a johnny-come-lately to the fantasy genre. I travel a lot and visit my local library for books on tape and CD to entertain me on the road. I came accross Pale Horse a few months back and was immeadiately hooked. I subsequently checked out each book in the Incarnations series and recently finished... And Eternity. Overall I liked Tangled Skein the best giving it a 5, and Bearing an Hourglass the least giving it a 3. Overall, the series was excellent and well worth reading.

Submitted by Bill 
(Aug 17, 2005)

The Incarnations of Immortality has opened my eyes to sci fi/fantasy. I'm only now reading the 5th book, Being a green mother and its just like the rest, FANTASTIC!. Piers Anthony has weaved this incredible world of magic, science, incarnations and the everyday tortures that people experience. The series is extremely intriguing, in that it discusses the usual incarnations Death, Time, Fate, War, Nature, Evil and Good from a new point of view. It makes you think of all the wonders that we dont know about but gives you interesting answers that will leave you at peace with what we can't control. After reading On a Pale Horse(one of my favorites other than Weilding a red sword)i was surprisingling not afraid to die and im still not. It may sound weird but thats the kind of things these books do, they make you dizzy with all the marvelous characters and plots that unravel. Within this tangled skein we live, Piers Anthony's books will remain a huge impact in your life and a very good one.

Submitted by Crystal 
(May 22, 2005)

I had recently run out of books to read, and since Piers Anthony is one of my favorite authors, I picked up the first book in his series (On A Pale Horse) and was immediately sucked into the universe that Anthony creates for his "Incarnations of Immortality" series. It's so unique from any other sci-fi-fantasy I've read, and so much more enthralling. From the individual Incarnations methods of travelling to their powers to their interactions and relationships, I was like a fly caught in the web (pardon me, Nature) of an extremely crafty spider. This series is fabulous.

Submitted by Ashley 
(May 09, 2005)

I have read five out of seven books and can only say this is one of the best series Piers Anthony came up with. Far surpassing the apprentice adept series, I highly recommend you to read it. It contains interesting shows of knowledge which makes the reader wonder just how much time Piers Anthony spent trying to figure it all out. And t all makes sense too. The fourth book especially which talks about the time travel for the Incarnation of time and how Chronos can do it without breaking the three person rule. All very complicated, all very fascinating, all a huge blur. Read the book and be enrapture within the entertaining and suspenseful stories of Satan and the Incarnations of Immortality.

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