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Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by 
(Apr 07, 2002)

This series is one of the best I've ever read. It blends science and fantasy perfectly. I think it is great how Piers shows us how normal people act when given god-like powers. I especially liked how the book "For love of Evil" worked out. You have to love the character who gets the part of Satan. Also, he is a great work of fictional writing by Piers, how he acts like a normal person, and becomes one of the most powerful incarnations. I suggest to anyone who hasn't read this series or this book, that they do so immediately. Thank you.

Submitted by Tammy Mason 
(Oct 30, 2001)

The first book I found by Piers was the one titled, "On a Pale Horse". From that day on I was hooked. I now have a collection of over 75 of his books, a video tape he put out called Bio of and Ogre, and three letters from him. This series is still my favorite. His portrayal of the main characters is superb. I laugh with them and cry with them. Piers has something that is special for a writer in that he can take you and set you down in the middle of his story, and leave you feeling as though you were a participant.

Submitted by Richard Reed Jr. 
(Oct 30, 2001)

I fell upon this series by mere fate. Browsing the paperback section of my high school library, the cover of "Wielding a Red Sword" was cool enough, so I read a few pages. Before I realized it, I had read the first few chapters...standing up in the same spot! I must of been there for an hour, totally lost in this book. I quickly checked it out and read the rest within 2 days. I'd never had such good reading. When I found this was one book in a series, I was thrilled. I read "On A Pale Horse" next, and I noticed that the story seemed similar, but telling it from the point of view of another character. The concept was absolutely astounding to me. This five-book series is very seductive reading that draws you in.

Submitted by Kevin E. Schappacher
(Apr 06, 2001)

This Series opened with "On a Pale Horse"...This was truly an inspiring concept... Normal people living in a world with both magic and technology, are tapped by the "Five Incarnations of Immortality" to replace them as they become incompetent to do their jobs... This remarkable piece of literature introduces the rules that must be followed throughout for a series to work... Piers Anthony broke the rules in the latter books of this series... I know that he is a "For Profit" author, but I was extremely disappointed that he buckled to financial pressure to add two books to the original Five... The major precept is as follows... There are normal folks, Five Incarnations of Immortality, and Two Eternals(God and Satan)... The Incarnations of Immortality are replaceable for the first five books, "On A Pale Horse" deals with Death, "Bearing an Hourglass" deals with Time, "With a Tangled Skein" deals with Fate, "Wielding a Red Sword" deals with War, "Being a Green Mother" deals with Nature, Each book is concerned with one event that must be averted from a different viewpoint of the main character. Read "On A Pale Horse"...You will have then read the rest...

Submitted by Micheal
(Dec 10, 2000)

After visiting both reviews for Incarnations and Xanth, I noticed that the Xanth reviews were much more numerous. I felt compelled to urge readers towards the Incarnation series. I first started reading the Xanth series in my early teens (I'm 30 now and I still read it now and then). After finishing all of them I needed more. "On a Pale Horse" is to this day one of the most intriguing worlds I've visited. With the other books of the series, Anthony weaves unthinkable plots with a modern philosophical palate. The series is definitely mind-twisting which only makes you pay that much more attention to the details. The characters evolve quickly, forcing you to read on. I highly recommend the series and I'm positive Bink and King Trent would too!

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