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Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon

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Submitted by Yvette 
(Mar 09, 2009)

Definetly a nicely written series. It was nice to read a book where not all of the information is given right off the bat. We journey with the charaters learning things as Rhapsody figures them out. I loved the fact that not only is there a plot but it includes fantasy, science fiction, action and love/sex. The love/sex scenes were appropraitely placed and more realistic then most fantasy books I have read where sex and love don't exist. For without love why would a heroine fight at all. I also really enjoyed the twists and turns this series thinks. Just when the characteristics as well as the reader think they what is going on there is another twist in the story which makes you wonder in which directions the evil is coming from and where it is going. I also enjoyed the idea of the "ultimate evil" the F'dor. Something not as tangible or as easily reached as the usual "Bad guy" in most books. Thoroughly enojed reading these books.

Submitted by Grace Turner 
(Jan 26, 2007)

I am delighted to finally see THE ASSASSIN KING released. Haydon's books are refreshing in the genre in that they are exceptionally well written and the characters are very well drawn. In the past I have seen comments that the lead is too beautiful to be believed, but that's one of the things that makes it really ring true to me. I read an interview where Haydon had said she partly based the character of Rhapsody on Princess Diana, and I can see a lot of the same sorts of behaviors in that character. The balance of the Three is one of the most interesting character studies in epic fantasy. And I have to say the best part is that she does not telegraph the ending at the outset of the book. The Wheel of Time and The Sword of Truth introduce the bad guy and the hero to you in the first chapter. From then on it is a depressing number of pages to see what you already knew was going to happen. In the Symphony of Ages you are always guessing, but when you go back, the ends always tie up perfectly. I reread the first three volumes after DESTINY to see if the clues added up, and they do, even though I would never have foreseen who the villain was. I love these books, and have introduced them to many friends who also love them, many of them not fantasy fans. I highly recommend it unless you are someone who likes an obvious plot and can't deal with a woman hero.

Submitted by Erica 
(Jun 12, 2006)

I found this series after having read George R.R. Martin's Trilogy (sans his latest addition) and found it to be a refreshing, if simpler addition to the genre. What Haydon's characters lack in complexity the make up for in chutzpah. Her story is engaging and well-crafted, an enjoyable read with plenty of magic and intrigue. The novel's protagonist, Rhapsody, can be a bit obnoxious; she's like cotton candy and pink fluffy clouds dripping in buttery toffee. Like enough already, we get it, she's nice, enough with the nice. That aside, I highly recommend the series.

Submitted by 
(May 09, 2005)

Symphony of Ages is an epic Journey through time. Haydon creates an amazing group of characters and a fantastic plot layout. The best series I have read since Robert Jordans The Wheel of Time. Recommended read to all fantasy fans. This series brings you into the world of fantasy like never before. Follow the plot and become one with the story. Adventure through the worlds of past and present.

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