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Xanth by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Mar 07, 2008)

The Xanth series is a very good series to encourage people to start reading. It's easy and just plain fun. Anthony uses a lot of puns but that doesn't diminish the plots or action. After a while you can just gloss over the puns to get down to the main plot. The books are a little sexist when Anthony spends so much time commenting on women's bodies, but he balances it out by making the men simple minded, not stupid, just simple, they bull their way through to the end of their quest. This makes the books easy to read and makes it easy not to get lost by complicated twists and turns in plots and sub-plots that authors like to create when their idea's spiral out of control. Piers Anthony made a series that anyone could read and their a good bunch of books. I would encourage anyone to read these great books.

Submitted by Annie L 
(Apr 18, 2004)

I love these books! Pier's humor is always refreshing from the "situation comedies" on TV. The puns are always great, and the creatures and characters are just so much fun! I have read through "Harpy Thyme" so far, and believe me, I will find the rest! The only thing was that the book "The Color of Her Panties" was really hard to find! I recommend reading these books in order, too, because it could get rather confusing if you go from "A Spell for Chameleon" to "Harpy Thyme". I love the way that the books never rest on just one person or event for an extended period of time. The world is ever-changing and these books keep up! I recommend this refreshing series!

Submitted by Pandora 
(Oct 19, 2003)

This book is completely wonderful, I being a woman am not narrow minded enough to say that this book is sexist to women. Because if you read it just to read it. You'll see that Piers is a man who obviously has the right to his own interpretation of this land Xanth, that he created. If the women here happen to be stereotypically ugly but intelligent, or smart and lotfty, it's because it merely intrigued the writer to point such things out. Yes stereotypes exist for a reason. And so do writers, to occasionally exaggerate a stereotype is merely illiteration,...and fun reading. For we all can sympathize with that annoying dumb wit female who checks our groceries while simultaneously flapping her mouth open and closed on gum, or that brainy girl stuck under a pile of books without a date. I believe he uses these manifestations of interesting character to give us an understanding that Xanth in a million ways is very paradoxical to "the mundane" America. We need something to identify with and laugh at.

I found the end of this book to be very endearing and uplifting of the soul and personally cannot wait to read the rest of the series which I am going out to Barnes and Noble to purchase tommorrow. *I'm glad I am paying the $25 annual discount fee*.

Thanx for hearing my thoughts.

Submitted by Alaina Clingaman 
(Oct 19, 2003)

It all started for me when my mom would talk to me about the nightmares. I loved horses and she told me about in a book series she read when she was younger there were black horses that traveled through gourds and spread bad dreams to others. She never remembered the name of the series till one day.
We were on Ebay when we ran into the Xanth books. She told me again about the nightmares, so we put the next bid on the A Spell for Chamelon, Source of Magic, and Castle Roogna. I was hooked for then on. When I got done I had to wait forever to get the next ones.
I highly would say this book is the best. Most books series stop after so many but everyone remembers a book where the author ends, but you still have questions. Xanth could go on forever, becuase a world does not end after a few years.
A world of puns, love triangles, and worries, Xanth is a fourth deminsional world.

Submitted by Joshua R. 
(Apr 04, 2003)

Piers Anthony may be sexualy into all of his girls in these books, but hell I just love the story & the different creatures. The books seem to be a little short as I read more and more of his books, but I guess I'm just getting used to the amount of pages. My favorite book so far was The Heaven Cent and The spell For Chamelean(If I can still Spell it. I actually like all of the nude nymphs and the topless centaurs but thats just me. Although I can't even get a kiss from my own girlfriend; but I'll live because of these great books. He, He. I also love all of the adventure.

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