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Xanth by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by SimbiAni 
(Jan 19, 2003)

What I find most awesome about this series is the never-ending-ness of it. We get to see characters grow, from being little kids to having familes of their own. And we can even go back in time to relive unknown moments in Xanth's past. And the talents are truly zany- from the most useful to odd & unnecessary!
I definitely recommend this series to anyone who wants to laugh at life & smile for long periods of time. And also, whoever enjoys getting to know -literally- a whole new world! Even when it seems to mirror ours, their world still amazes you. You'll feel like such a place could just possibly exist, somewhere...

Submitted by Kevin Ranville 
(Feb 17, 2002)

Many of the reviews I've read on here talk about the same experience I had with the Xanth novels. I was in the library one day in junior high back in 1985. I was looking for a book and I saw this novel called "Dragon On A Pedastal" by some guy with a weird name. It had the nicest cover out of all the books on the shelf so I grabbed it. What a great book it turned out to be!

After that I went nuts. I grabbed all the books I could from the school library, the public library and even the local book store. I believe the series was up to Golem in the Gears back then. After I had read all of them I moved on to the Incarnations of Immortality series.

Fifteen years later I found a bunch of them at a used bookstore. As an adult I tend to agree with the other consensus. Piers comes across as a dirty old man. He often focuses too much on the young girls in his story, describing their physical attributes in great detail, and he keeps going back to it over and over every time a male character gets within 5 feet of a female one. It gets a little tedious after a while for those who just want to read a good story without being dragged into the man's lustful fantasies.

The funny thing is you keep going back to the books because they are really good stories. I agree with the notion that Piers should have taken into account the fact that other people could have enjoyed his books a lot more if he would have refrained from all the forced sexual tension.

I only read a couple of books past Golem in the gears. I still have a bunch to go. I have just been reading the entire history of Xanth on and there are a bunch of characters I don't even know about. I think I'll check them out.

Submitted by Maria 
(Jun 22, 2001)

I love the Xanth series books by Piers Anthony. I have read all of them in order... I only have three more of the books to read, The Dastard, Swell Foop, and Up in a Heaval. This series is the best series of books I have ever read! I get so into the books that I feel like a total geek or book worm dork! But, I do have to say, Piers explains WAY TOO MUCH about women's breasts and bodies! I mean, it is so sexist.. he doesn't explain about the men in the books! (not that I want him too though!) It is so disgusting and the last book I read, Xone of Contention was a good book but more than have the book was about a young girl wanting to get an older man in bed! (or "summon the stork") It is up to the author to decide what he writes in his book... but it would be so much better if Piers considered the many children reading these books and the many paranoid mothers not wanting their children learning too much about women's bodies or too much about sex at a young age! But, oh well, I still think the books are great, but they would be SO MUCH BETTER, if Piers Anthony just cut out a lot of the sex or the VERY DETAILED descriptions of women's bodies. This series is great! Thanks Piers Anthony for writing these great books!

Submitted by Brandon 
(May 28, 2001)

The Xanth series is juvenile, pun-filled, plotless junk. Like his other series, each book is progressively worse then its precursor, and apparently is produced for the sole purpose of selling another book to people who want to read every book in the series. However, Anthony has managed to show that he completely understands his market: the 13 year old boy. Every time he introduces a female character, he makes sure to spend a good paragraph discussing her breasts, which is twice the description he gives to anything else in his books. For those who really want stories about kids and magic, go read Harry Potter. At least it's well-written and has a plot.

Submitted by Anonymous
(May 15, 2001)

The Puns!!! The puns!! Oh God, The Puns!!!! This book is smothered in puns, in some places they're brilliant, but sometimes they're just downright annoying. I have read the Entire series at least twice, and these are some of the best books I've ever read. These are the books that made me love to read. These are great books to read again and again. These books are great, and even the puns are good.

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