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Xanth by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by Kelly Lightbody
(May 03, 2001)

My father bought me one of the mode series books a few months ago thinking I would like it. then when my oldest brother, Isaac, found out that I was reading a book by Piers Anthony he told me that I should try the Xanth Series. it wasn't until recently that I read one. my father and I were in a used book store when I found one of the novels, I decided to but it, or shall I say have my father buy it, then I found more. Not even knowing the slightest hint of a story line I ended up depleting the bookstore of Piers Anthony by buying all the Xanth books I could find. There was 6. when I got home my brother was jealous because I had the books and he had none. so I started reading them. I had no idea of what order they went in, so I picked up the one with the earliest copyright date that I had, Castle Roogna, then in less then a week I had the rest of the books finished. I wanted more, but my school didn't have any or my public library. so I visited b. dalton & barnes&noble and picked up the rest of the books. I loved them so much that I spent an entire months paycheck on them. I look forward to new adventures in the lake of Xanth! thank you Piers!!!!

Submitted by Magician Strife
(May 03, 2001)

What can I possibly say? I've read a lot of series but Piers Anthony's "Xanth Series" has really stood out. It's story line is very original and the way he comes back and reflects upon old characters is superb. I always read one book about one character and read another, later book, on the same character to see how he turned out. This is an example of how captivating the series is. Currently of 26-27 books, the Xanth series always incorporates a lot of puns submitted by fans and readers and the puns are always cited at the last few pages of the book. The best books in the series are books 1-12 and 14. This is because they contain less of the reader's puns and more of the author, Piers Anthony, style. But all in all, the lowest rating for any Xanth novel is a 9.9/10. I started out reading what is now my favourite Xanth novel. This book is Man from Mundania. But I was lucky because I have a crazy imagination. For those who don't but want to get into Xanth, they should read Demons Don't Dream. Xanth rules!

Submitted by Quenton Jones
(Apr 17, 2001)

Okay listen up! The Xanth books are the best. I mean have you ever read a book you could never put down. Well I have, in fact I've read hundreds, but that's not the point. I read a Piers Anthony book in up to two days maximum. I mean they are the best books in the world. I just can't put them down. I have read some pretty good fantasy before, but never anything like that of Piers Anthony. In fact, during school we had to write a essay on our hero, and I choose Piers Anthony.

Submitted by
(Mar 20, 2001)

I absolutely love the Xanth series. I didn't start reading it until seventh grade, when I picked up AISLE OF VIEW. I haven't been able to stop reading them since. I've read a few different series by Anthony, but Xanth is the best. He keeps on expanding on previous characters, and it's a lot of fun to keep track of. I love it because it takes me away from everyday blah life. It's nice because he also uses suggestions from his reader's, and gives them due credit. I myself have never had anything of mine in there, but that's only because I never come up with anything worth submitting. In any case, I love Xanth... Although I wish I could find the game...

Submitted by Cindy
(Feb 09, 2001)

I started this series in 6th grade. I went to the book fair that was in the library of my school and noticed this very thick book. I realized that I never read a novel before so I gave it a try. I picked up Demons Don't Dream. I never read anything so interesting and funny before. I liked it so much that I bought the computer game (Companions of Xanth). I have to say that I really got into the series, especially the first 8 books. After that I realized that Xanth has lost its edge(especially the last 5 books or so). I feel that Mr. Anthony is forcing the puns to his readers in the later series. He seems to try to fit as many puns as he can into his books by his readers. The series also lost its edge when the different characters started cross breeding with each other. There seems to be less of the original species because of it. Naga/demon, goblin/harpy... Xanth doesn't have its purity as it did in the beginning of the series. I feel that Mr. Anthony is only writing books to keep people happy by putting their puns in the books. Customers keep buying books hoping that their pun is mentioned in the book. I feel that if you are going to start the series, read the first 8-10 books and stop. The rest are disappointing. As I mentioned earlier, with all of the cross breeding, Xanth may turn out like Earth in the book Race Against Time. Everyone looks the same because of cross/in breeding of different cultures. I hope the series does not come to that. I feel that Mr. Anthony has been dragging the series out for too long. It lost its feel of magic. This also happened in another series he wrote, Apprentice Adebt. The 3 books were awesome! After that robots were crossbreeding with blobs and all different things. Mr. Anthony should keep his series short and sweet. 3-4 books. Even a single book like Quest for the Fallen Star (which was a good book). His earlier books are very enjoyable if they can be found. Incarnations of Immortality(great series), Through the Ice, Alien Plot, Kilobyte(sp) (one of my favorites by Mr. Anthony), Spider Legs (different, but it gets its point across), Prostho Plus (must have a sense of humor to read this). These are books that I have read by him (earlier books) that I believe will catch interest to any fantasy reader (I read more but I cant think of them right now). Enjoy his books because they are worth reading. And remember, you must have a sense of humor and an open mind to read his books because they can get wild.

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