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Xanth by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by SAMM
(Dec 23, 2000)

I have read all of his adept series and about ten of the Xanth series, but for some reason I can't find them in order so I bounce around. Even so, this series is the best to get us out of our Mundane lives and into the wonderful fantasy of Xanth. I have lived in Florida my whole life and really like the references to the places in Xanth!! I also have a low tolerance for puns but I am learning a new respect for them. I do however notice that the series seems to get more mushy and romantic in the later books and less adventuresome. I would like the exciting, dangerous adventures back from the first few!!

Submitted by Anonymous
(Dec 04, 2000)

I like the Xanth series a lot. The first one I read I got at my school library. I just grabbed one and hurried to get in line with it. The first one I read was the Source of Magic. My favourite of the first part of the series is probably either A Spell for Chameleon or Centaur Aisle. My favourite characters of all are Irene, Electra, Chameleon, and Ivy. Of the new series I like Heaven Cent and the Isle of View. As soon as I finished all of the first part of the series, I found that I had to read more about the Land of Xanth and its characters. The books are wonderfully written, and though they are very long, they have taught me a lot, even though they are in a fantasy land. I think it's wonderful how Piers Anthony can create so many awesome characters and personalities. I think that this series is one of the two best series I've ever read, and probably ever will read.

Submitted by
(Nov 24, 2000)

This series is the personification of a complete and utter masterpiece. Piers Anthony places descriptions in his books that capture the minds and often hearts of his readers. Each book in the series has the capacity to make us laugh, cry, and to be shaking with pure suspense. Though the novels are long, they are excellent. They are the epitomy of what a good book should be. Each character is known and familiarized within each book to the point that, when each book in the series is read, the reader knows well which characters are being spoken of. The characters have their own individual traits and characteristics. Most of them, due to their individuality, are recognized upon first description in each book, without mentioning any names. Without these familiar persons in each book, the stories being told to us would hold little significance. The same can be said with each place that is described. Xanth is set in a place that appears, to us "Mundanes" to be familiar. We know it to be the state of Florida. Thus, it is fascinating to actually take time and look at the individual map properties and lands. Nothing can be said that is good enough or to the extent of pure flattery towards Mr. Anthony. Only our pure appreciation and fanatic devotion towards his writings can be known to him.

Submitted by Katt
(Nov 17, 2000)

Mr. Anthony's books are pure excellence. His inclusion of his reader's puns in the Xanth series only adds to it's charm and interactivity. If you say that it loses it's charm after a while, well, perhaps you're losing something! I'm afraid we're all returning to Mundania as we get older. But if you truly tire of the Xanth series, Piers Anthony offers other great books, too, like the Mode series and the Incarnations of Immortality sure to check out Bio of an Ogre as well, for the author's opinion on himself! I love all of Mr. Anthony's books, and the charm isn't lost at all, to me! (PS--Electra is my favorite)

Submitted by
(Oct 30, 2000)

I have read every book in the Xanth series as each has come into print on paperback. Between my elder sister and myself, I believe we own all of them as well. I fell in love with Mr. Anthony's characters. Each has a special personality to match his/her talent. My favorite is Dolph, the shape-changing Prince (later King and father of two). I also like how the scenery changes in each story, letting you explore a different part of Xanth (or in some cases, parts of Mundania and other places. What boggles my mind is that Piers Anthony writes back to all his fans and uses their ideas in his books, citing each of them at the end of his works. (I know, because he wrote back to both my sister and I when we wrote to him for school projects. Also, you can find the "citing"s in the back of each book. I submitted one idea myself and will never do so again.) He is a very generous man in this sense, but I believe this is starting to blunt his edge. His stories now surround the whimsical, sometimes not believable, ideas of his readers, Mr. Anthony's creativity and freedom for writing are lost. I hope he goes back to the old, original way - his way - because that's what makes the Xanth series such a unique, special, entertaining series. I encourage people of all ages to read the first dozen books in his Xanth series as well as his other works, including those co-authored with other sci-fi writers. Piers Anthony is a gifted man and you should find out for yourself by reading his works.

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