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Xanth by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by
(Oct 27, 2000)

A friend recommended that I try a few Xanth books when I was younger.  I picked up a few of them and read them.  I liked them- the puns were pretty bad, but when you're 13, that's not really a bad thing.  But after the first few, I got a couple more.  And the puns just started to wear on me.  The first few books in the series are okay, but after that, I don't recommend it.  For a good comedy/fantasy series, I recommend the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett instead.

Submitted by Kitty Taylor
(Oct 25, 2000)

This is a fun-filled (and pun-filled) series that allows the reader to escape the "mundane" and enjoy light-hearted magic and fantasy.  Many of the books are very suitable for even young viewers.
Piers Anthony spent several books poking fun at stogy mythologies and science.  If you like silly puns and enjoy humor at its "lowest" (and its finest, I believe)than these books are for you.  Taken singly, or as a series, I love these books.

Submitted by
(Oct 20, 2000)

I started on Piers Anthony quite late in my career as a fantasy addict, about three years ago.i really like the way he writes about magic and goblins and all the funny creatures in Xanth. So far I've read more than twenty p.a. books and i just can't get enough!!! I recommend Xanth to anyone who likes good fantasy.

Submitted by Johnathon Stargazer
(Oct 20, 2000)

This is a well written, hilarious series.  The only possible reason not to enjoy this series is for the ever-present puns.  Everything about it is pulled of wonderfully, however.  Just imagine, a world where everyone has something magical about them.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Oct 18, 2000)

The Xanth series has been both highly praised by highly despised. In my opinion, if you are looking for fun reading by an author who knows how to spin a plot very well and has a sense of humor, and if you don't mind an obsession with the bodies of beautiful young women, try the first 9 books of this series, but be cautious about the later books. In my opinion the best ones are 1, 3, 6 and 9, while the rest up to 12 are all tolerably nice, but beyond it the books just get trite. And don't read them too fast-- like sugar, you get sick of too much of them.

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