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Xanth by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by
(Oct 06, 2000)

I LOVE this series.  He is so brilliant when it comes to writing.  I cant wait until his new ones come out.  I cannot put them down.  He is truly a fantastic writer with a mind of a genius.  He knows EXACTLY what i look for in a good fantasy book.  I got started with Demons Don't Dream when i found it in a book fair for only a Dollar.  Ever since then its been history, and i don't go by a year without reading one.

Submitted by
(Aug 20, 2000)

If you are looking for a good vacation try the setting of Xanth.  It's got all the required amenities for a romping good time.  Attractions include; enchanted paths so the kids won't get lost, awesome aerial  acrobatic shows with rocs, griffins, and the occasional alicentaur,  a superb nightlife with dragons, goblins, and foul smelling harpies, and last but not least, extremely talented magicians. 
No "mundane" drudgery in Xanth, just great punnish adventure.  Some of the adventure in Xanth can have adult themes so children must have proper supervision.  If you are looking for a place to get away,  try Xanth, you won't be sorry.

Submitted by
(Aug 01, 2000)

Man I loved this series and can't get enough, the one thing that scares me is when it ends. YIPE!! O well I'm only 13 and am only on the 12 book, still a lot more. YEAHH!! My favorite book was probably Castle Roogna because of Millie, I love the Millie, and the nymphs, The romance is great and I love em. If yah wanna talk bout Xanth hit the chat and talk to me back. G2 get back to reading later
ps: Thanx Piers and keep on writing for me,peace.

Submitted by Dustin
(Jul 14, 2000)

Ever since I walked up to a friend while she was reading "Golem in the Gears" I have not been able to stop reading this series. I'm on the eighth book, "Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn", right and it is really good.  I think my favorite books in the series so far are "Castle Roogna" and "Centaur Aisle".  Most of the puns are pretty funny.  I would really recommend this series to almost anyone from ages 12 to adults.  If you want to talk about the series over e-mail or a chat room, E-mail me.

Submitted by Phil
(Jun 16, 2000)

The first couple of books were pretty good. Very original, and with an entertaining plot. But as you read more of the books (and there are a lot of them)the whole series kind of crumbles into crap. The puns that are so amusing at first become over-done, and this weird obsession with panties crops up. The series seems to lose its purpose and degrades into cheesy romance. I would recommend reading the first four or five books for some light entertainment, but don't bother with the rest.

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