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Xanth by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by Danielle
(Jun 14, 2000)

I have read the first 10 books, plus some others.  I feel that they are good books to fill space with, going from one large book to another.  If you don't have much time to read, I would suggest a Xanth book. My advice is to read some of the series, but not all at once. by the time you've read five in a row, they're getting kind of boring.  My personal favorite is Night Mare, where the main character is a night mare.  They are all easy reads, good for all ages.  You do have to have a high tolerance for puns if you what to get through the first chapter.  The thing I find funniest is that most of the puns are nothing but a literal translation.  In Xanth, a night mare is a female horse who carries bad dreams at night!

Submitted by Jade Nova
(May 15, 2000)

Ever since I picked up my dad's old copy of Man From Mundania, I've been stuck. I've read every one of the Xanth books but a few, and I go insane waiting for the next book to come out! When I came across Xone of Contention quite by accident just a few months ago, I couldn't stop grinning until I got it home to start reading. I'll miss it when it is finally over. My advice, try one of the Xanth books. Its worth it, even if the puns do make you sick.

Submitted by Albert Lum
(May 11, 2000)

Basically the first two books of the series were good, but I wouldn't recommend any after them.  The series are loosely tied together and I felt like throwing up after all those puns.  He uses so much horrible puns that his humor and cleverness were smothered by the tediousness of it all.
I recommend that you just read a couple of the books (individually they were good), but not all or you'd get sick of the puns.

Submitted by Giarc Silroc
(Apr 25, 2000)

The first time I ever sat down to read a book, mayhap eleven years ago, was Piers Anthony's Heaven Cent. The Xanth series singlehandedly drew me in to a world of magic and humor. I love the light hearted mysteries and the unique style of magic practised in the world of Xanth. While I agree that it seems extensive to have 23 books currently in the series, haven't we all wished at one point that one of our favorite series didn't have to end..? In my mind, Piers is giving us that chance.. To have one world of fantasy where the door to the magic doesn't close- but remains open for us to revisit time and again. Well done, Piers, and I hope I can hand my child my old yet still vibrant copy of Heaven Cent some day, to spark that magic once again.

Submitted by Megan Rose
(Apr 25, 2000)

I started with Demons Don't Dream and I've been hooked ever since the visual guide to Xanth is my own personal bible lucky for me my library had it if you get your hand on it never let go all i can say to anyone who reads the series don't stop at just one the books immerse your whole being into a land of fantasy that takes ones breath away its a horrible thing that Xanth is not a real place but reading the books is at least a helpful thing THANK YOU MISTER ANTHONY FOR GIVING ME A WORLD I'VE ALWAYS WISHED WERE REAL.

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