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Xanth by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by Josh Cote
(Feb 27, 2000)

Piers Anthony is a creative genius. I have just completed Golem in the Gears, a wonderful book, in under 48 hours. I am now on the next book, and I am wondering if anyone can send me a complete book list?

Submitted by Dina
(Jan 25, 2000)

I loved this series and eagerly waited with baited breath for the next instalment. By the time the 17th book came out it was clear to me that Mr. Anthony had run out of clever puns. The series was getting tired if not stale. I haven't read any since then, preferring to keep my fond memories of the earlier books. I have read the majority of Piers Anthony's works and it is pretty much the same for all his series, they start out great, but peter out after 3 to 4 books.

Submitted by Tim
(Jan 07, 2000)

The Xanth Series by Piers Anthony has sucked me into the world of reading.. ((Thanks)) I hated reading until I read this wonderful series. There is a running list of characters.. and endless new quests and adventures. I have grown to love reading.. and I have begun writing stories.. to explore my own creativity.. Great Series.. I highly recommend it.

Submitted by
(Dec 25, 1999)

I have read all but the last of the Xanth series starting with Cragon on a Pedistal. They are fantastic. I find myself wondering what interesting pun will come out next and which character will take the lead in the next novel.
I really liked how he made an oger character after Jenny chose to be an elf. Though the oger started out wanting to get rid of Jenny she learned a way to become a main character in her own right.
This series really encourages imagination and I hope the dreaded editor never cuts it up.

Submitted by Bookfreak13
(Oct 13, 1999)

In my opinion the Xanth series is getting pretty tedious. The first five or so books in it were pretty good, but after twenty, it's just serving no real point. Many of the storylines seem to bear a lot of similarities to others, plus many more differences.
Still, it is interesting to see how Piers Anthony does a spoof of the fantasy genre, but, come on, twenty books in one series is just too much.

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