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Tawny Man, The by Robin Hobb

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Submitted by Jim Gibb 
(Feb 02, 2008)

I am with out question a huge fan of fantasy writing. I enjoy work from many different authors but consider myself incredibly fortunate to have come across Robin Hobb.

I picked up Assassinís Apprentice and had it sit in my bookcase for many months. It was when my wife ran out of books to read that it got pulled out. She was about half way through the book when she first made a comment to me about how much she was enjoying the book. When she was about ĺ of the way through she went to our local bookstore and picked up the rest of the Farseer Trilogy as well as the Tawny Man Trilogy. Well neither of us looked back. I always say there are really only 2 kinds of writers when it comes to Fantasy. There are good technical writers that you enjoy their books because of the quality of the writing and then there are good storytellers. Their writing may not be great, but the story keeps you interested. It is very rare that you get an Author that has the talent to combine both skills. I put J.R.R. Tolkien, George RR Martin and Robin Hobb into this category. This isnít taking anything away from many other great Authors. I enjoy books from Erikson , Jordan,Gemmel Salvarore and many more, but some Authors are in a class of there own.

Robin Hobb brings Character development to a new level. The development of Fitz, Nighteyes, The Fool, Burrich, even Chivary who died in the first half of the first book is a talent seldom seen. Ms. Hobb does more than develop her Characters she does a wonderful job in developing the world they live in. The love affair that is created between characters sets the series apart from most. Whether itís the relationship between Fitz and Chade his mentor or Fitz and Knighteyes his Wolf wit partner and sole mate the relationships are developed brilliantly.

There is not enough good things I can say about this series. If I had to find a down side it would be maybe the story ended to quickly. I was left looking for more.

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