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Redwall by Brian Jacques

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Submitted by Mike 
(Aug 14, 2009)

I first read a book from this series (Mattimeo) when I was around 12 years old. To this day, I still find myself occasionally rereading one of the books from my collection, or picking up a new one. One of the best things I can say about the series, is that it's easily approachable. You can pick up any particular book, and not feel lost for not having read the rest. As you read further into the series though, you begin to discover more of the mythology, and can begin to piece together the tremendous puzzle that Brian Jacques has created, and continues to expand.

I've only found a few small downsides to the series. After a few books, you begin to realize that they mostly follow a general formula. While formulas aren't necessarily bad, you do find that you can begin predicting what will happen, with a fair amount of accuracy. Also, it's commonplace for me to put down whatever book from the series I may be reading, and go find a snack after a particularly sumptuous description of one of the countless feasts.

On the whole, the series is quite enjoyable, whether you're young and just starting to read thicker books (300-400 pages is typical, with exceptions either way), or you're an older reader who likes to pull out old favorites from your younger days.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 05, 2004)

The Redwall series is a magical adventure through a fun filled world filled with animals. This world is with honor, good laughs,good food and good action. It is almost as if you have stepped into a faiy tale where good and evil are clearly defined and the good is so good it makes you want to sing out loud. This is a book for all ages that all ages are sure to love.
And dont be hestitant to read it to your children. It is filled with lessons of love honor and friendship. And the action is not very bad either.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Feb 15, 2004)

I started reading the Redwall series just a small matter of time ago, but already i am reading like a car without brakes! I love them, they are so inspiring and heart warming, even thought i can't quite grasp what order i'm supposed to read them in (laughs) i don't care, i never want Brian to stop writing them I love all the characters. The books will not interest some people, but if you like fantasy, and a little bit of thrill, as well as decriptive writing, then the Redwall books are deffinately for you!

Submitted by Clark Armstrong 
(Nov 30, 2003)

The Redwall series is the best series I have ever read and always will be. Just the first book captured my imagination in the first paragraph and I have read all you series in two months and I own Loamhedge. I hope he nevers quit writing the series because it would put me down. I love hares, mice, badgers and mole logic in these wonderful series that I wish would never end.

This is a song sung by baby dumble in Mattimeo
I wrestle a fish upon a dish
cut off his head while he's in bed
take a rat and make him dead
fooooooorrrrrr goooooood oooollldd ciiiiiiddeeeeerrr

ps. don't stop making this series

Submitted by Raven 
(Jan 19, 2003)

I have to say that I really enjoyed most of the Redwall Series. But of late I have stopped reading them. I replace the series a year ago with The Sword of Truth Series. It is awsome, but I will never stop reading the Redwall books, even if Brian quites writing them. They will forever be mixed into my reading of tSoT Series and the LotR. You really cant pass up any of these series. They are all great.

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