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Book of Words, The by J.V. Jones

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Submitted by Cattlin 
(Feb 15, 2004)

I personally thought that these books are interesting. They keep the reader intrigued the whole way through the books because you worry about what is going to happen to Melli and Jack and how they will survive out on their own. These books are some of the best that I have read in a long time. I found them suspending and intriguing, and they interested me the whole way through the trilogy and I didn't lose interest at all. The only parts that I found boring were the bits that were with Tavalisk, I found him overbearing and couldn't abide reading about him. Everything about him i disliked. Overall this series is a great sucess in all aspects of a trilogy.

Submitted by Phoebe
(Apr 17, 2000)

Well I finally finished with Master and Fool and I have to say the trilogy could have been much better!!! I found Melli and Jack to be predictable and uninteresting and Tawl the disgruntled Knight dwelled to much on his misfortunes. Aside from that Bodger and Grift the palace guards were hilarious and had me chuckling alot. Baralis was a great villan and held his own well, but my favorite was the Archbishop of Rorn and his sorry aid Gamil.  I couldn't wait to read what he was going to eat next and what poor Gamil would have to endure after each meal !!!! All in all J.V. Jones has great potiential to rank among the best of them. Her discriptions and language draw you in and make you feel like your apart of her world and I do look forward to her other books as I hear they are better with each new one that comes out.

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