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Wheel of Time, The by Robert Jordan

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Submitted by Fox 
(Jul 14, 2013)

I have recently finished reading the series, Wheel of Time for a second time. The first time had book 12 (The Gathering Storm) as the latest book and the second, book 13 (Towers of Midnight).
I have never read anything like it. As such I am now left wanting for something that may match it\'s amazing story telling and abundant ability to engage the reader.
From the first chapter I was hooked. Robert Jordan\'s ability to have your mind visualising deeply, really shows Jordan\'s gift.
Yes, it does slow down in the middle in a style of transitionary format though, when it is all explained and patience has overcome, the story that follows is one that I will judge all other series on.
Tragically, Robert Jordan did not survive to complete the series, and Brandon Sanderson was approached to finish the series with what notes Jordan had. Commendably Sanderson has excelled himself, though I say this with a heavy heart for he is not Robert Jordan. While Sanderson has committed to finish a series I have grown to respect, there is a definite difference between the writers.
The story develops into a journey for five young inhabitants of The Two Rivers. As the story expands these five are the centre of the whole story, along with many, many other characters that relate to them. The character development is one of the main snags in the series as the reader becomes attached to them, turning each page eagerly to see the next challenge and outcome.
It is another story containing \"dark\" vs \"light\", which should not be taken as \'just another good v evil\' series. The incorporation of the books\' characters, races and factions to each other is astounding in its complexity, and mind boggling in its expansiveness.
I now eagerly await the release of the next (and final) book.

Submitted by Grady 
(Jun 25, 2013)

I am reading volume 1 and will continue for a while as there are a few things still holding my interest. But I must agree with a previous reviewer about the annoying female characters. It is an irksome trend among many modern fantasy authors (frankly, I think, started by Marion Zimmer Bradley) to make female characters (due to some misinformed and vague politically-correct notion of female energy and mother-goddess worship)so morally superior and smug. This is insulting to male and female readers alike. I can only hope these characters flesh out and become more three-dimensional, especially Egwene, the most irritating of all. So far this series looks like an unoriginal rehash of true classics. There is not an original thought or concept so far. In fact much of the text reads like a D and D dungeon master\'s pronouncements. ( \"You look back towards the town gate and see the watchman greedily polishing a coin and laughing!\"---I paraphrase!). I pray this gets better, as I\'m starved for decent fantasy literature.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Sep 02, 2011)

It has been such a journey to be able to travel through the first twelve and half of thirteen books in the last year and a half, to be able to experience all the sensations each character feels, and live through what they're living. Needless to say, the Wheel of Time is my favorite fantasy series. I've been obsessed with it since my dad first introduced it to me.

Granted, the pacing can be slow, and the series is very long, but I managed to get into it. I first started the first three books, got a little bored, then stopped. A year later, I decided to try my luck again--maybe this time I would begin to like it more. And I did. I love almost all the characters Robert Jordan introduces, which helps with not boring me when I'm not reading about the main characters. But it's not only that that keeps me reading, that holds my attention so dearly; it's the story, the plot, the twists, the changing personalities, the darkness and the light.

I have several authors I look up to whenever I am writing my own stories, but Robert Jordan was one of the first ones to strike me with what he had created in the Wheel of Time. It's not only a story, but a world. He has given it history and time and people; this is hard to accomplish in a novel, but I love that he's done it so expertly. Creating a world is one of the things I am currently trying to achieve in my own novel, and this series influenced my thoughts in that direction greatly.

Submitted by Nev 
(Sep 02, 2011)

This series starts out well and has some great ideas however, I gave up after book 8 as it just kept on going and going and going.......... I am sure RJ could have cut the flowery descriptions without compromising the book. Seriously, this series could be condensed to about half the number of books. It could have been epic, however it falls seriously short.

I'd only recommend this if you had a lot of spare time up your sleeve (For example, if you had been convicted of something serious and were expecting to be locked up for a very, very long time).

The Wheel of Time series is a massive undertaking that shouldn't be delved into lightly. Imagine investing hours upon hours of frustration, only to finally be TKO'd before it ends..... 2 stars for me.

Submitted by Lightningbarer 
(Aug 22, 2010)

The Wheel of Time. It's been named the New LOTR, where I wouldn't go that far it is possibly the best that can come after that. The scope of the story does - In scope, I've not read somthing to match it - impress, it makes you feel as if you are actually in a huge world where something is happening at the eastern corner, it effects the whole rest of the world. Characters, when introduced do lend themselves easily to be liked (for the protagonists, at least), where antagonists are seen, some have been taken care of far too easily. Pacing, while the first half of the first book drags, the story picks up very quickly after that and continues on through the next at roughly the same pace.
One qualm I have with the series is that it is slightly too long, 12 books(as of 8/10) going on fourteen is a tad bit too long, but that's been said before.

All in all, if you can get past some of the slower sections and some of the slower books, it is a very good series and completely worth picking up.

The Eye of the World, bk 1.

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