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Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay

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Submitted by Caz 
(May 11, 2005)

This is a very easy to read series. Five Canadian students, who are friends to one extent or another, attend a talk by a renowned professor. Afterwards they are singled out and invited back to the lecturersí hotel. They are invited to be the guests of honour at the kings' 50 year anniversary; 1 person for each decade. The lecturer reveals himself to be a mage and his dwarf companion is his "source" (the fount of his magic).

One of the Canadians is lost in the journey to Fionavar. He lands on the plain and his story focuses on his reaction to the abuse from his father and finding his own worth. He becomes Davor of the Axe and a member of the tribe he lands among.

The other 4 travellers arrive in the kings' court to find they are thrust in to political manoeuvres they are ignorant of. Chancellors, untrustworthy mages, a disgraced elder prince whose name must never be spoken and a drought that demands the king sacrifice himself on the Gods' Summer tree

Kay uses Homeriphic devices in the narration that makes the text seem more poetic with rhythm and meter. Mixed with his tragic figures that are true heroes in the face of their tragedies, he weaves a complex tapestry that is seamless and perfect.

Submitted by Elisabeth 
(Jan 19, 2003)

This must be the best fantasy series that I have read thus far. I have never come across a series that is so beautifully woven. The storyline is well thought out and so beautifully written. The last book in the Trilogy is very impressive, there are so many unexpected twists in the story that at times I found myself crying through the most deep and sorrowful parts, and laughing through the most complete and uplifting sections.
Overall, it is enjoyable to read, a definite classic, and highly recommended.

Submitted by anon
(May 28, 2001)

WOW! I read this series in two days! That was including going to school. Congratulations to a good old Canadian boy like me!

Submitted by Anonymous
(May 29, 2000)

I am re-reading the Fionavar Tapestry for about the 8th time; each time I am struck anew by the beauty of Mr. Kay's poetic prose. I am able to pay more attention to his turn of phrase, and every few pages brings tears to my eyes. It amazes me the incredible deftness with which he recreates the Arthurian legend and weaves it into a complete world that he has created.

I will always treasure Mr. Kay's work; he is to the historical fantasy genre what Homer was to Greek Lyrical Poetry.

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