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Deryni by Katherine Kurtz

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Submitted by Alexandre Lukachuk
(Jul 27, 2000)

I've read all the Deryni books from Kurtz.

After reading about 50 fantasy books of different authors including the greatest of them, i can tell that Katherine Kurtz is one of those who surprised me by the vitality of her style and stories.

The style is easy to read, clear and very pleasant. But what is the most impressive with Kurtz, is her ability to create caracters that live in a universe that is like a twister. In "Camber of Culdi", Kurtz creates a world where the heroes are like dust in a tornado, they are moving according to a violent wind, they are going down to destruction, to death, to torture and to an inevitable future... the one of impossible survival.

Apart from the fact that the books are excellent, all of them, i personnaly like the Camber Series most. Maybe i'm a little hard here but i think that writing the saga of Kelson first was a mistake... it takes all (a lot of it... at least) the suspense away from the Camber history. The Kelson saga is more an adventure, the Camber serie is a Drama, a story that you read regretting your unability to change it, to safe the caracters from a invitable death.

Dark, evil, harsh and pitiless, these books, and the Camber ones in particular (i racoment to read them first) are great. Religion, struggle for survival in a hostile political environment and the horrors or civil war are what will make you like these violent books that make your heart feel emprisonned buy a dark destiny.

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