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Tyrants and Kings by John Marco

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Submitted by Matt 
(Jan 04, 2009)

By far the best series I've ever read, each chapters starts off quietly and ends with a bang, always keeping the reader intoxicated in its complexity. The characters are all described in depth and with great regard for their mortality. No character is superhuman, and no character can slaughter hordes of enemies by themselves.

The most gratifying part of the series are the continuous plot twists and emotional attachments built to the characters involved.

Once I started I could hardly put the book down, and now that I've finished, I feel forlorn and lonely because I've finished the book I love and no other book can compare!

Submitted by jt 
(Dec 20, 2007)

After a friend of mine read "The eyes of God" and recommended Marco to me, I decided to start with his first book and work my way up. I thought "Tyrants and Kings" was a good idea with a great setting but an extremely weak and fouled up story line. Marco did a terrible job with character interaction. He made Richius who is the main character very disappointing. How can a guy who led an army through a year of blood and guts be such a pansy!? Example: On a couple war horses running from a few staved wolves, begging and saying please to his lowers, almost throwing up at the sight of a dying horse. I felt like an 8th grader wrote this book. I have to finish the trilogy on general purpose alone, but as far as I'm concerned this book, aside from the mentioning of a taken virginity should be in the children's section of the book store or not published at all. Who edited this? Shame.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Apr 25, 2001)

John Marco will be, if not already is the greatest fantasy writer of today. His debut series was captivating and well written. The characters were believable and he clearly shows the consequences of war and revenge. If you are into fantasy pick this one up. This is the best trilogy since Lord of the Rings.

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