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Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

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Submitted by kiwi 
(Nov 03, 2005)

I personally feel that this is the best series I have ever read.
Anne McCaffrey is my favorite author and rightly I have every book she has ever written.

I feel like I know these character they are so real and could so easily be real people. Anne is truely a master. I loved the series so much that I read dragon flight in february and by december I had got to all the weyrs of pern! including the Harper trillogy.

Anne has the ability to present real life problems and real people in a way that could make yoyu swear she had met them and these things are really happening. No other writer has made me feel so much like I know the charaters intimately (and believe me I read a hell of a lot of books) I have also read all but three of her other series' altough I have them at home as my dad is as much a fan as I am.

That will end my rant.
If you are thinking about reading any of Anne's books do it!
and if your anything like me you'll read them over and over.
I think the last count is dragonflight 12 times and every other book at least twice!!!

Submitted by Wm. Darrell Walker 
(Feb 18, 2005)

Dearest of Friends, This includes all who love and adore those wonderfull and loving Dragons of Pern, and the magnificent colonist who braved all for a new start for a very tired techknologically advanced mankind. This too I would like to include Mz. McCaffrey and her protige son Todd in my circle of friendship. At the age of 16 after being paid for for work on my paper route, I went to the corner book store in search of new scifi feading material. There on the rack of new arrivals was the first issue of Dragon Flight by an author I had never read before Anne McCaffrey. After the first chapter I was captured heart and soul. Hopelessly enamoured with those wonderful magnifient dragons and all those different and yet familiar personalities of Pern, and yes even the planet it self in it's difference and yet similarities to and earlier and younger Earth.
I felt I knew these people on a very personal and sometimes passionate basis. I laught and cried with them, I grieved and celebrated with them, and yes as I grown man I shed tears and cried when the greatest of them Master Robinton past on. I felt I to had lost a mentor a beloved teacher a friend. Lessa, F'lar, Jaxom, Menolly, Piemer, Ruth, Ramoth, Mnementh and the greatest and most loved of all Master Harper Robinton have grown as close to me as my own family has, in fact I concider them my literary family.
Since that first book all the way to the recent release of Anne's son Todd McCaffrey's Dragon's Blood
I have read, reread over and over about this magnificent world of Mz. MaCaffrey's. I am now 52 years old and my life has been greatly encriched by the words of this one women. I have read all her books and enjoyed every one but those magnificent flying firebreathing brave protectors of Pern shall always be my favorite. I was hoping that one day I would see those flying guardians on the big screen and done under the watchfull eye of Mz. McCaffrey. But alas I guess that will not occure in the unfortunate short time that I have left. This old body is wearing out faster that it should. But I do ask all that read these books of Anne and Todd McCaffrey Support them and always look forward to some new adventures on Pern. They have enriched our lives so much their endless imagination. Friends forever till we pass between.

Submitted by Derek 
(Nov 30, 2003)

I can't see why people would classify the Dragonriders of Pern as a Fantasy series. There is no magic at all. No magic is a good thing because that makes it more realistic, for all we know, people of the earth could end up colonizing a planet far far away. Since there is no magic there is nothing totally mysterious or unexplained, everything makes sense. I can't say a bad thing about these books except it is hard to keep track of all the characters. I especially liked The White Dragon because McCaffrey really delved deep into the mind of Jaxom so as to understand him better.

Submitted by 
(Oct 19, 2003)

Anne has and always will be my favorite book writer. She has a wonderful imagination and very creative words and settings with her tales relating from the life on earth to the life on pern. The books kept me interested all night and day and I will keep reading every book she creates until she stops. The Pern books are the best.

Submitted by WoF 
(Apr 04, 2003)

I could find nothing wrong with these books. The way McCaffrey writes just draws you in and you can never stop reading. I would recommend these books for ANYONE. Every time I finish or start one of the books, I know I don't have to be disappointed with the outcome.

Overall, I think Dragonquest or Dragonflight are my favourite books. I didn't like the White Dragon much, though. But the reason I didn't like it, is probably because I don't like Jaxom. I don't mind Ruth, but Jaxom is just....weird.

Anyway, other than those two, I'd have to say I like The Dolphins of Pern. Or Red Star Rising (aka Dragonseye). Chalkin is a bit annoying. But I like Iantine. He's spiffy. I just bought two more books from the series last night, and I'm already halfway through it.

I wasn't lying when I said you couldn't put the books down.

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