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Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 29, 2009)

This series was enthralling. You picked the book up and put it down when it was finished with a smile and a sigh. It is so good that you will find you need to reread it just because you need that Paks fix. Thoroughly enjoyable, highly recommended and have hooked many friends and family on the books as well.

Submitted by robert 
(Jul 02, 2008)

Bar none one of the greatest worlds ever put on paper. Having read it over 60 times I may be biased, but it is fabulous. We, the reader, get to follow the life of a sheep herders daughter, who runs away from home, to become an awesome warrior.The physical aspects are but a small part of her transformation, the mental and emotional anguish are the true drivers of the character. The terrific weight of the detail Mrs. Moon provides the reader helps to pull one in and you some forget that you are reading, you are suddenly fully engaged in Paks' life. To compare this work with Tolkien is an honour, for sure, but it goes beyond that to something better. Working on my third copy of the trilogy. Will read and read and read, over and over again, year in and year out. Get it, read it, love it, repeat as necessary.

Submitted by 
(Jun 04, 2002)

This is a fantastic series. I had trouble putting the book down. This author took you through the highs and lows of the life Parksenarrion and made the story come alive. The ending still wanted you to know more. Definitely worth reading.

Submitted by Leo Sorel 
(Nov 23, 2001)

This trilogy of books by a novice author served notice to the Fantasy scene that a new Author was here and introduced the true concept of Realistic High Fantasy. What I mean by realistic is that the mechanics of the world that is represented is so integrated that everything seems plausible in one way or another. This trilogy could almost also be considered Dark Fantasy in that a lot of the situations that are written about in the books are very uncomfortable or not considered "standard" for the subject. This trilogy is about 1 individual mainly, and that person is Paksenarrion, a Sheepfarmers Daughter at the age of 18 who decides to go out into the world and it describes the events surrounding her and her eventual struggles with the true concepts of Good & Evil and what those struggles represent. For those people who like to roleplay, such as D&D or other fantasy games, this is a good resource for character development, background and for roleplaying itself. This book has a lot of the "standard" fantasy elements like magic, paladins, heroes, villains and fantasy races such as Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Orc's, Ghosts, and other races or creatures. As with any other fantasy author, she brings her own twists to these creatures and their interactions. I truly enjoyed this trilogy and if you're looking for Heroic Fantasy without any sugarcoating and with a realistic background then this is the story for you.

Submitted by Rodney Powell 
(May 28, 2001)

I just got done reading one of the best epic fantasies I've read! Like the medieval ministrels Moon tells us a tale of great deeds, tragedies and truimphs of a unforgettable heroine, Paksenarrion, or Paks to her friends as you will soon be as you read her story. You will follow Paks as she decides to defy her father and not marry a pigfarmer and follow her dream to become a great warrior.You watch her as she joins a mercenary company of the leadership of the noble Duke Phelan and see the world.And what is Paks world you might ask? Paks'world is place with it's own set of myths and legends,beauty, great evil and greater good.You will watch Paks as she grows from a starry-eyes young private to a seasoned veteran in scenes of battles and wars.Moon's description of life of a medieval fantasy mercenary so realistic you would swear she was one herself.You will also see bit by bit Paks true destiny which is to become a Paladin knight in the service of Gird.Another thing that makes her endearing is that Moon makes Paks a real person.She is no unstoppable Xena clone but a real flesh and blood person with her own fears which she must conquer to reach her great destiny.Moon's world-building skills are quite impressive as you see Paks' world through her eyes.You will watch as our heroine battle great evil like followers of the sinister gods like Achrya the spinner of webs and Liart the master of Torments.The book is one of the most deeply spirtual fantasies I've ever read because there are scenes where Paks is tortured by her enemies and only her faith of her god and Gird are her only weapons.Finally you will watch as Paks fulfills her destiny by restoring a king to his kingdom and help defeat the forces of evil.I implore Ms. Moon to write another Paks novel because I want to read more of her adventures and see more of her beautiful and unforgettable world through her eyes!

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