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Protector of the Small by Tamora Pierce

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Submitted by ~Sam~ 
(Dec 12, 2002)

I enjoyed Protector of the Small immensly because it didn't portray girls like some other books do. Kel actually has to work as hard (and if not harder because of her UNFAIR probabtion) as the boys do to get her way. In "Song of the Lioness" Alanna was disguised and plus she had the (magic) gift to help her. Kel doesn't have magic, and she has to put up with Joren and his friends' hazing. She wasn't afraid to show she's a girl, and she was very determined. She had to go through a lot of cruelty just because of her gender, but she put up with it, and better yet, she fought back. She is a shining example to all us girls who think we can't do things as well as others. Thanks, Kel, for being Tortall's hero and mine!

Submitted by Adrian 
(Oct 31, 2002)

I first heard of the Alana books from a friend who seemed to have been reading through the series for her fourth time straight. I went to the library spontaneously one day and checked out the first book. At first, I really didn't think to highly of it, but when the book began to take me into the heart of the grand castle with Jonathan and everyone else, I admit that I really got transfixed. I finished the series in three days, but hated it when it ended. I'm so glad that she ended up with George, but I still think that it all seemed to end all too suddenly. I've now finished all three series, from Song of the Lioness to Protecter of the Small (staring a character who I think I can certainly look up to), not to mention that I think she looks a bit like me. I did cry when everything was over.

Submitted by Elodie, the hawaiian Pierce fan :P 
(Sep 30, 2002)

I just love tamora pierce's books, and this one is my favorite series. I started reading her books two years ago, and I have been waiting for Lady Knight for a whole year. When I heard that Lady Knight was finally out, I screamed. Her books which portray a young girl who wishes to become a knight, are set in Tortall, a magical world. This story is, once agin, about girls' independence. This girl, Keladry, has to go through a whole lot but in the end does become a knight. For anyone, adult or not (though teen girls may like it best), who has been looking for a fantastic read, this is it.

Submitted by the biggest fan of lady knights 
(Feb 17, 2002)

Protector of the Small is a really, really, good series. The Song of the Lioness is the best series I own, I've read each book a million times and I know it off-by-heart.

Keladry of Mindelan wants to become the first female page. Moved to Tortall from the Yamani Islands, Kel has learnt Yamani training. When Lord Wyldon, the training master at the palace, replied to the Lord of Mindelan's letter requesting his daughter become a page, it says that Kel must undergo a year of probation to prove she can keep up with the boys.
Kel is infuriated - but to prove to Lord Wyldon she is not chicken, she goes.

Kel endures long teases from all the boys, except Neal of Queenscove, her sponser. Kel must learn the sword, wrestling, jousting, and other such training doing as well as or better than the boys, to be able to stay the next year.

This is an excellent read, I absolutly love it and other series by Tamora Pierce. A definate 10/10.

Submitted by Queen Alanna of Tortall!!!! 
(Jan 19, 2002)

Tamora's books are the bomb, I picked the first of the Alanna series and I couldn't put it down, it definitely beats harry potter, she has such imagination and she matches people up just fine, (although I do have to question her choice about Jon and Thayet *hisssss* being together instead of Alanna and Jon). Her books are so interesting and she writes with good reference, she has action comedy and romance all packed into a great story. The Protector of the Small series is one of my favorites after Song of the Lioness. of course, Tamora Pierce wrote that one well, I read all of them a year ago and am waiting for the final one to come out. (I want to see if she and Cleon get married).

Tamora Pierce's books are interesting and it fits my description of a really good book, (everything I read has romance and action in them) reading the Protector of the Small series gave me a lot of information, (for one, how to pretend you're comfortable when you're not). Pierce is an excellent writer and exceeds every book I have read yet in her genre and in many others.... oh and about my name, I believe that Jonathan and Alanna belong together....FOREVER!

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