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Discworld by Terry Pratchett

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Submitted by exclaimation
(Nov 02, 2000)

Where to begin?
Discworld, complex little 'wossname', er...
Let's see, those of you who actually read Discworld will know that there is a four distinct categories or groups... of course there are more that don't fit in any group...

1. Rincewind/Wizards (failure Wizzard who can't even spell. He's a coward-and proud of it!)

2. Watch (my brother loves these. A good detective feel to most novels. Sherlock Holmes with style, sort of thing.)

3. DEATH (yup, the tall, boney fella with the scythe. Oh, and he always speaks in CAPITALS. watch out for him in every book, he's there)

4. Witches (most of these have a Shakepearean atmosphere to them. Wyrd sisters - Macbeth, Lords and Ladies - A Midsummer Night's Dream etc.)

5. other series. (this category ranges from religion-Small Gods- to the small, and unknown kingdom of Djelibeybi-Pyramids)

there... that's about it...
All together, it's a wonderful set of novels to read,, especially if you just wanna curl up and have a good chuckle at life from a different perspective.

One particular part that is so enjoyable about Discworld is the comparison between real life and disc life. ('Discworld is a world and mirror of worlds...')
Eg. the appearance of rock music in Ankh-Morpork (known as 'music with rocks in'-read Soul Music to find out why) and the hillarious reaction.

For those of you out there who have YET to read Discworld... I'm warning you... as soon as you finish reading this... to do so... you don't know what you're missing.

Submitted by Hakon
(Jun 19, 2000)

The Discworld series is easily one of the most humorous and imaginitive works of modern fiction. Nowhere else can you find such a bizarre fantasy world filled with whacky, funny and unforgettable characters, from Death, weird witches, silly wizards, a librarian turned into an ape, and a very special piece of luggage.
A must-read for anyone who likes fantasy, humour, or just reading at all. Guaranteed to make your sides split, and you'll laugh on your way to the bookstore to get the next book after finishing your first... =)

Submitted by Danielle
(Jun 14, 2000)

This is by far the craziest series I've read.  It's also one of my favorites.  The actual land of discworld is like a mix of various legends and the real earth.  Discworld the series is a very large group of books about various people. Main characters have been Grannie Weatherwax-a witch, Death, Rincewind the inept wizard, Susan - Death's granddaughter, Brutha a novice of the god Om . . . The list is a long one.  Some books have some of the same characters, in some, none of the characters are the same.  In this way,the series can go on forever and never get old.  I for one will read every discworld book I can get my hands on.

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