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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Rajesh 
(Nov 14, 2005)

The unrivaled series embossed with great imagination, carrying us to another world. The Power of Harry Potter is immense, that, it has gained book lovers of various ages crossing boundaries.
She made me sit and complete the book in one shot.
With every other book, her imagination grows and with every other page, our interest grows.
Excitedly waiting for the next book and the next movie.

Submitted by Heresy 
(Feb 27, 2005)

The problem with so many rave reviews about Harry Potter is that they tend to gloss over and turn a blind eye to some of the many faults both the author and the novel have as inherent faults. (While I personally have enjoyed the novels on a simple level as they were originally meant for, I have recognized that these novels will not and cannot contend with the proper fantasy novels of Jordan, Williams, Jones and the like.)

For one thing: the Harry Potter books are built on continuous and repetitive ideas that follow the same plot over and over again.

1. Harry isnít allowed to leave for school
2. Everyone is in awe of him.
3. Something happens and people hate him.
4. He must find out the mystery
5. He solves it, people love him again.
6. (Add in for later books, someone has to die!)

I know, why mock a formula that works, but the main problem is that it becomes too transparent. When things become obvious they become boring. I like to see variety in a story. I donít need to read a rewrite of book 1 in book 2. (Iím generalizing a bit much as there were different things happening in Book 2, but the style in which it was delivered felt very much the same as book 1.)

Another problem that most people seem to miss are the many for instances where Rowling has ďliftedĒ ideas from other well-known authors (Remember Diana Wynne Jones?) and has often been praised for these lifted scenes, stolen characters. As ideas arenít copyrighted it should be okay to use notions and such, but Rowling never once points out her sources or mentions anything that might have influenced her.

Third point. Her characters are all stereotypical. You have the smart Hermione, the honest by brash Ron and the heroic Harry Potter. While they do age and grow up, their character does not change. They remain essentially who they started out as. I know there are those who will argue with this, but try reading it with an unbiased eye for once. I like these characters, but I still recognize that they are little more than card board cut out. (Itís the movies that make them more than what they were in the books.)

As to the writing itself, itís tolerable. It lacks proper description and is mostly point by point play of events. Characters are thrown about haphazardly and the stories are loosely connected. When people claim itís easy to read itís because it was written on a childís level.

While Iím not one to begrudge her fame, I do not agree with the amount of popularity that she has received for novels that are mediocre at best.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Sep 05, 2004)

This fifth installment to the phenominal Harry Potter series tops all of the previous ones in every way. The excitement...the adventure. Sure, it's lengthy but it's worth the wait to reach teh end as you are absorbed into its plot. I really enjoyed the different ways in which Harry expressed his frustration, particulary when it came to the ruthless, falsely sweet Professor Umbridge. This novel finally uncovers the mystery and truth about why Voldemort tried to kill Harry in the first place when he was one and carefree, which makes the book even more enjoyable. I especialy enjoyed the ridicule and slander that Harry had to endure under the stubborness of the very wizarding government, Harry and the rest of the world were supposed to depend on. I can't wait for the 6th.

Submitted by Marco Kirwant 
(Aug 10, 2004)

I think that Harry Potter books are the best books that have ever existed. I particularly enjoy how JK Rowling traps the reader into the novel and makes him feel like he is inside the scene of the book. I am such a fan of harry potter that I've read and read the books so much that anyone has ever won against me in answerin question about hp. I have hardly have had wrong two or three questions from my friends and they hardly answer one of the question I ask, even if they are also hp fans. Even so, I have found terrible mistakes on the books; like, on the fifth book they say that when harry sees the tapestry of the family of sirius, he recognizes the name lestrange as the one of the people that he had seen on the pensieve... but reading the fourth book, they never say the name lestrange in the pensieve. She also forgets to add details about some things like what excuse did Ron gave his parents about scabbers dissapearing and Pigwidgeon appearing suddenly? or how did the school didnīt started tailing Neville when the lestranges scaped from Azkaban and the Prophet said that they had been the ones that tortured the longbottoms? or how did sirius didn't mention to harry to use the mirror he had given him the moment that he first appeared on the fire? and, is hary so so stupid not to know that dead people can't talk to living if they are not ghosts? Well, even if she has some mistakes, they are nothing compared to all the details she gives to know exactly what happens in the book.

I have sometimes even daydream about being harry or living in harry potter's world and thinking what would I do in my life if I were or what would I do instead of some of the things that harry did.

I think also that the best book is the fourth one It's even useless to everything that I liked from it because I liked it all. I also liked the fifth book, but it was a bit less exciting and I think that they gave tooo much space of the book to Luna, Ron and Neville. It also changed completly the idea of harry as the good boy that everyone likes. It is as though he is showing his dark side. Finally what I want to say is that I absolutely recommend you this books if you haven't read them for the mixture of comedy, tragedy, adventure and all the sorts of novels that exist.

If you would want to have a real discussion about hp, look out for me on hotmail messenger.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 18, 2004)

When The Harry Potter series first came out, I thought it was so dumb! But I then noticed how many people were reading the books so I decided to try it. I first started out with reading the second book and then read the first one. I went from there, reading the third and fourth and then I read the fifth one when it came out and loved it! All of the books are great, but the fifth one is the best so far. I couldn't put the book down! I can not wait until the sixth book comes out. I think I'm going to burst!

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