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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Kristen 
(Mar 08, 2004)

I LOVE these books! Ok, for starters, before I picked up a Harry Potter book I hated reading. I could read. I just hated it... I'd be the last person to finish a book at school because I just wasn't motivated, and I was really bad at spelling, too. This was until one of my friends got me the first Harry Potter book to read and then I read the second and third and so on until I finished every book in the series! J. K. Rowling's books have changed my life. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't read as much and my spelling would be much worse. This is a great series to influence your children or even you into reading more, and this series will take you away from all your troubles and into the magical adventurous world of Harry Potter. It did for me, at least.

Submitted by Linn 
(Nov 30, 2003)

I really love the books about Harry Potter, and I've got them all! For my whole life I have loved to read, and I spend almost every free time I've got reading.

I always look for new books that could be worth reading, and I must say that when my uncle gave me my first book about Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone, I almost hated it.... But about one year later I tried to read it again, and then I LOVED IT! It was the best book I've ever stuck my nose in! And then I bought the second book, and it was better then the first, so I bought the third too, and when I had read one, I couldn't wait until the next came.

So I was very happy when the movie came out, but I was a little bit "angry" when I had seen it. They had taken away the best parts in it! I think that they could have worked a little bit more with it, and the actors didn't look like in the books, like Ron are not tall at all in the movie, and Harry should have green eyes, Hermione should be really ugly with large teeth. Well, they had also took away some scenes in the movie, which I thought were very imortant. My friend has not read Harry Potter, she has only seen the movies, and doesn't like it at all. Well, that is what I think, maybe you don't agree with me. But I'm telling you all, read the books before you see the movies, or you are going to think Harry Potter suck. And it doesn't! It is the best books I have ever read!

Kisses / Linn. P.S. I'm from Sweden, so my english are mayby not so good. hehe... KISS!

Submitted by 
(Oct 19, 2003)

I have been utterly amazed by all of these treasures. I became interested in the stories after seeing both movies which I enjoyed very much, but as with most books, the words can convey much more into the insight of each character etc. I never have time to read the written word and am so grateful to have the audio versions so spectacularly performed by Mr. Dale to listen to in my car etc. He sounds so much like the various characters in the films.

I was actually disappointed to find that Ms. Rowling had not written other stories before as I am sure I would have enjoyed them all by her ability to capture my attention and still cannot fathom her process and ability to come up with plots that litteraly astound.

I am on the fifth book after starting with 4 down to 1 to also see how they compared to the films.

It seems thus far that each story has become more intricate, exciting and longer in length with Harry becoming more of a mature, real feeling person with accompanying responses to the characters around him and the situations in which he finds himself.

No doubt I will long treasure each story after I have purchased all and will look forward to future publications with avid anticipation.

I have always loved fantasy and sci fi and at 51, I don't plan to stop. Thank you Ms. Rowling.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Aug 01, 2003)

I enjoyed the series of Harry Potter and I noticed some clever things J.K. Rowling did. From Greece to Rome to Egypt and all the way to Japan, she used myths and legends to make her story more interesting.
For instance, did you know that Fluffy, a three headed dog, who guards the sorcerer's stone is really a dog who guards the opening to the underworld so spirits don't escape or mortal enters. And Hagrid said that he won Fluffy from a Greek chapie. That would make sense since Greek believed that Fluffy gaurded the gateway to the spirit world.
Another instance is that Draco Malfoy means dragon or snake in Latin. So that would make sense since he is in the Slytherin house.
And did you know that Quidditch can be mostly spelled from its four balls? Qu comes from quaffle, d comes from bludger, another d comes from bludger, and itch comes from snitch. It is missing an i but if you put a i in one bludger then you have to do the same to the other bludger.
Overall, I think it is a great series and can't wait until Order of the Phoenix comes out in 7 days (finally I finished)!!!!

Submitted by Jared 
(Aug 01, 2003)

I bow my head to J. K. Rowling for writing the "Harry Potter" books. From Nicholas Flammel's Sorceror's Stone, to the Order of the Phoenix were the best hours of my life. The books are wisely written very straight forward to entice readers of all different ages. The series gets better and better each time a new sequel comes out. The characters are well built and formed by their author. Conflict is in the air all around them and amongst themselves. The serene landscapes, hallways and classrooms are all burned in my mind. Descriptive writing is so immense that you can hear the screams of the mandrakes, or feel the trees of the Forbidden Forest rub against your side. The ongoing war between good and evil is in every page. The magic is something we muggles can not grasp which is why we don't put these books down. Rowling takes us into the mind Harry himself. We laugh with him, cry with him and we feel his pain. The "Harry Potter" series aren't just about a boy who becomes a wizard, but about believing in yourself-struggle, an ordinary boy with the heart of a lion overcoming any obstacle. Which is why the book itself is my Hogwarts when I pick it up.
But why stop at only seven books when we can continue living Harry's life after he's through with school, if that's how the seventh sequel turns out. "The Order of the Phoenix" was the best yet of the five books written. I strongly reccomend this book if you've enjoyed the others.

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