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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Nicole 
(Oct 30, 2001)

The first book I read in the Harry Potter series was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It was recommended to me by a friend. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down until the end. I then went on to read books 2,3, and 4 in the series, and have read them all again and again! They never seem to get old or boring..even though I know exactly what is going to happen and when..they never cease to amaze me! I am anxiously anticipating the 5th book. Rowling takes you into a world of magic and imagination when you read any of her Harry Potter books..even if you are one who does not enjoy reading..I guarantee you will enjoy all of the Harry Potter books, and age really doesn't matter.. I am almost 17 and love them..I know many adults who read Harry Potter books!

Submitted by A.K.A. Alex 
(Oct 30, 2001)

I think Harry Potter is the most smashing hit. The books have received top ratings and so has J.K.Rowling. She is in "The Book Of Guiness World Records" for selling a lot of books in a certain amount of time. She also has a Biography about her. She has earn it. Go J.K.Rowling!

Submitted by Norma Jean DeViller 
(Oct 30, 2001)

Where do I start? How about with all the hype. So much hype. They're children's books for heaven's sake. I admit it, I was taken by surprise. I picked up the first two books in the Harry Potter series..."The Philosopher's Stone" and "The Chamber of Secrets", to find out what all the hype was about. I have an 8 year old daughter who is reading way beyond her grade level, so I thought I'd check them out. WOW. I couldn't put the books down! The believable characters. The humour, and wit, and the wonderful imagination of the author caught me hook line and sinker. Bravo J.K. Rowling for writing a wonderful series of books that appeal to boys and girls of all ages...from 3 to 34....and beyond I suspect. And just for the record...I believe there's a little Harry Potter in everyone. I can't wait to read the rest.

Submitted by Steph (everyone calls me Padfoot) 
(Oct 30, 2001)

These books are the greatest, I and my three other friends are absolute Hp fanatics! I swear it is our life! But to get to the review, one of my friends has said over and over again that the Harry Potter books got her to read again! I am obsessed with the third book, very well written and the secrets about.........well I can't really give away any spoilers in here, but she hides the secrets very well. READ THE SERIES, I swear on a dementors cloak that you will love them!! Well, got to go now before I start raving on and give away all the spoilers for ya people that are just starting to read the series! Hope ya like it!! *Padfoot*

Submitted by Vaibhav 
(Oct 30, 2001)

My name is Vaibhav Pandit. I am 14 years old.I know the Harry Potter series is the best series ever written. This book is very well written and J.K. Rowling uses great writing techniques which makes the book so interesting and suspense-filled. I think the way she links all things up at the end of the book is amazing. I give her terrific series 11 out of 10. The best works of writing I have ever read. I am eagerly waiting for book 5 to come out. I can't wait!!

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