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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by James 
(Aug 02, 2001)

when I first heard about the harry potter series I thought oh great another idiotic book series. But when my friend talked me into reading harry potter and the sorcerer's stone I was pulled into the phenomenon. I tore through the books anxious to find out what happened next. soon there was no more books to read so I have been reading them again and again. I can't wait for book five to come out. keep on writing Joanne.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jul 31, 2001)

The Harry Potter series is the best series I have ever read!!! I am 13 and loved every second of them. the way Miss Rowling describes her characters is just amazing. she mixes laughter with moral truths. she also has a great imagination for writing nice songs and poems.

Submitted by matthew begin 
(Jul 31, 2001)

The Harry Potter Books are really wonderful to read. And to listen to. (I have the audio books as well as the books) Jim dale does a wonderful job reading the Harry Potter books. The books are so great because you never suspect the person who is mostly involved with the plot. And the plots themselves are so amazing. The way J.K. writes them is so cool because everything is twisted together. I don't see why people think it should be banned. Well I SEE of coarse but I don't think its very fair. Its not like J.K, wrote them FULL of witchcraft. Its just the story line. Its not like there are spells on every page luring you into the clutches of satin... Hello!!! I don't get it. Anyways. I would love to talk to J.K. Rowling.. But I don't think she'll ever really come on to look at these things. So it really doesn't matter if I say that or not.... Anyways... CIAO~

Submitted by carr 
(Jul 17, 2001)

great books writing is enchanting. funny smart sets the floor and makes expectance for other books being good higher. though i think harry should get hurt more. he gets by l. v. w/ less than a scratch each time. i mean voldermort should be stronger than that.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jul 11, 2001)

Tops again to J.K.Rowling and the Harry Potter series!! I bought Goblet of Fire as someone mentioned all the fuss! once I'd finished reading it I had to go out and buy the other three. I'm still reading them for the Nth time!! I really look forward to the 5th in the series and hope the forthcoming film does the books credit.

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