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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Sharad Vora
(Mar 13, 2001)

JK Rowling is nothing short of cruel! The Harry Potter series is so consuming, brilliant and oh bugger! words fail me! How can she release The goblet of fire and not have the fifth book ready for print! Cruel is not strong enough, but hey! I'm not JK Rowling! When will the next in the series be out? I only bought the first book last week, three quarters of the way through, I went out and bought the other three. Having now read all the series to date, I cannot wait until book 5 comes out. The Times reviewed Lord of the Rings and said that the English speaking world is divided into those who have read Lord of the Rings and those who are going to read it. The Harry Potter series falls into the same category.

Submitted by Kevin Roach
(Mar 09, 2001)

My girlfriends daughter got the first Harry Potter book for Christmas and hounded us into buying the rest of the series for her (she's 10) When she finished the 3rd book she started on me to read the books. Well I didn't really want to read a "children's book" but under sufferance I agreed. Well after finishing the 4th - when do we get the 5th!!!! It is a series that really inspires the imagination, moves at a good pace and is just a darn good read for all ages.

Submitted by Sandy
(Mar 09, 2001)

I have to say this is one of the best series of books that I have read. I have a hard time finding books that spark my interest. I happen to find this book by accident I was trying to get my son to read something other that Poke'mon and a friend said to me have him try Harry Potter. So we had a book fair that night and I saw the first one and bought it for him. My son (age 7) said "Mom don't you think that this is a little big for me to read?" I had decided to read it first. I wanted to see what it was about and to see how he would do reading on his own. Well I will have to thank J.K.Rowling for hooking me. These books have definitely sparked my interest in reading again. I started reading the first book (The Sorcerer's Stone) at the end of Dec. 2000 and finished just after the new year. My family saw how much I enjoyed these books and bought me the rest of the series for Christmas. I have finished all of them and before the month of February. Here I am waiting for the next one to be written. I think I will be one of those people waiting in line to purchase the next one that comes out. I think that everyone who enjoys a good Fiction book should read this series of books.

Submitted by Marilyn
(Mar 09, 2001)

The books are really good and I have only one upset. I have dwarfism and there are dwarfs in the first 3 books that are fiction people in the dining hall -- not true. Having dwarfism or being dwarfed is a true disability. The handicap is in people view of the Disability being fiction -- I think dwarf as a now should be banned. EVERYTHING ELSE about the books are great -- even my great-grandparents are reading the series so they can talk with me about it.

Submitted by CL Fairfield
(Mar 09, 2001)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone by JK Rowling was a good book but you would have to be into Harry Potter or just into reading,but it is a good book. I recommend this book for people that like magic stories. So enjoy the Sorcerers stone!

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