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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Anonymous
(Mar 09, 2001)

Harry Potter enchanted my life. He created the spell to keep me reading. The book is the greatest and it helps develop imagination. Who ever thought about magic? J.K Rowling did. She gave us the wonderful books of Harry Potter, the boy wizard, and his friends, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger. Harry Potter is the biggest thing since Poke'mon cards in my opinion. If you are looking for a great book look for a book that has the title, Harry Potter. It is best for any age. Harry Potter is BEST!

Submitted by Heather
(Feb 26, 2001)

To start off with I have to really be interested in books to enjoy them..I went to the book store to get a different book on a series I was reading and they didn't have it so the girl working at the bookstore told me to read the Harry Potter Series..She even said her mother was reading them and really enjoyed them..I blew her off at first, but the boy that I baby-sit had all four books, my sister started reading them and I knew that is she liked them I would..So, anyway I read all four of them and cant wait for the fifth one to come out..I am writing a report on J.K.Rowling and the Harry Potter Series for my college English semester report..And I have recommended them to anyone no matter what their age is..Read these books u will never regret it and it will keep u on the edge of ure seat the whole time..

Submitted by Hailey Siple
(Feb 26, 2001)

In my opinion, this series cannot be beat all around. Rowling knew exactly what she was doing as she slapped her words on paper. But my very favorite thing about the series is that never once do you see the text printed on the paper. You see nothing, really. All thought is concentrated to your mind's window, and through that there is a boy and his pals -- all perfectly detailed and out-lined and not story-like at all. You are sucked into a netherworld where you don't exist and it doesn't matter because you never have and you never will. Pictures glide through you though, there or not, and it all looms together to make sense and to make something more exciting than it could be if you were in Harry's shoes. Your mental telescope searches hard into the depths of what is happening to depict to you -- still not really present -- the emotion and tension and dreams and hopes and thoughts of these more-than-charactors. And then you flip over the cover of the whole experience, put it back on the bed-side table, and be you again. That's what this book will do to you. That's why I recommend it to you. -Hailey Siple

Submitted by zoe Clifton
(Feb 19, 2001)

Harry Potter is an excellent series of books based on Harry's life when he finds out that he is a wizards. The series of four books describe in explicit detail the journey of Harry's first four years at Hogwarts, the wizardry school. Harry makes many friends, but when his past becomes known he knows that he has enemies as well.

Submitted by Rebekah
(Feb 16, 2001)

I have loved all of these books. I am a mother of 3 and have just started reading these to my 7 yr. old. Book 3 is my favorite because it reveals so much about Harry's father and what his life was like at Hogwarts. A connection I feel Harry deeply needed. Harry's Patronus was so touching to me. Also, it was so touching that his god-father(won't say who,incase you haven't read it) risked so much to save him from danger when he found out about Pettigrew being at Hogwarts. I also loved professor Lupin who's humble yet capable and lends Harry a link to his past as well. Book 4 was amazing as well. Very exciting and left much for speculation. Like for instance, what was that look Snape had all about at the year end feast? Harry wasn't quite sure how to read it either. And what was Snape's thing he had to do when Dumbledore asked him if he was up for it? I hated for Harry that Snuffles had to leave. He really needs him and yet he still gets sent to that awful Privet Drive. Will Fleur come back? I think she could be a new Potions teacher, however I think Moody needs to stay on as Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher since we didn't really get to see him in Action this time. I also want to know what that Triumphant gleam was all about in Dumbledore's eye when he examined Harry's arm. I loved the teamwork and friendship developed between Harry and Cedric in this book and felt a terrible pain for Harry for the way it was all ended. Thank goodness for the Pheonix thing! It gave me some closure. I am interested in anyone's speculations about the next book. Please write! These are great! It's hard not to laugh, cry, and feel all the emotions of the characters in these 4 books. There is someone in here for everyone to identify with, laugh at and hate. I just love them.

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