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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Ron Weasly
(Jan 06, 2001)

I like all the Harry Potter books and I hope that after he finishes wizarding school that there will still be more books about him and his friends. I hope that Harry will see Fleur during the summer in the 5th book. I would also like to see Ron ask Hermonine out to a dance. I also hope that Harry will be able to go live with his Godfather Sirus Black in the end of the 5th book.

Submitted by Brandon "Booyaka" Shalander
(Jan 06, 2001)

Let me start off by saying that I am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans of all time. I have read all four books numerous times and I still cannot put them down. I really make sure to read very carefully and absorb ever word Rowling writes. The way she keeps going with an idea or point until she is ready to fully reveal the purpose or meaning of it is amazing. Like if you look in the first chapter of book #1 you can find the name Sirius Black mentioned by Hagrid, but it isn't mentioned ever again until the third book were it becomes almost the main storyline of it. Or how the Whomping Willow mentioned in book #2 is another big part of the third book. Her writing is excellent and her imagery is superb.I am sixteen years old and before I started reading Harry Potter, I hadn't sat down and read a book because I really wanted to in about 10 years. My cousin thought I would like the book and dropped it over to me one day. I looked at it and thought, "Why a book? I'll never read through that thing." I gave it a try though, so I could at least say that I had tried it, and after reading just the first chapter, I was hooked for life. Now Harry Potter is an obsession and I can never go back. I even got to a point were I was challenging myself to see how fast I could get through the books. My favorite record was reading the fourth book in a little under two days. The total reading time was about 20 hours straight.In conclusion I would like to say that if you are someone who won't even give the books a chance because you think they aren't really that good, I feel sorry for you. Go ahead a put down an amazing series if you want, but you are the ones who are missing out. Currently I am trying to get my mom to read the series, but she just won't. I won't rest until she has at least read the first chapter though. If you just sit down and read that first chapter, you'll be hooked! I feel good about this series and can't wait until the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out.Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind, because this is the first time I have ever felt so strongly about any book, let alone an entire series. I don't think a better series will ever come along, and if you want my opinion, I give this series a magical Five stars and hope you do to!

Submitted by Anne
(Jan 03, 2001)

I just finished reading the 4 books in the Harry Potter series for the third time. I thought that the last book was the best one so far. I liked that it was so long because I didn't finish reading it the first day I got it, like I did with all of the others. I hope that the fifth book is; #1-as long as the forth one, #2- as good as they have all been!I really like the plot of these books, because sometimes books in a series meander around the basic plot, but Harry Potter books don't-they are funny,well written,exciting and wonderful without any boring places. Keep up the good work, Ms. Rowling!

Submitted by Kathleen Heinz
(Jan 03, 2001)

I am a 35 yr old at home mom of a 6 yr old son. My thought was to buy my son the books and read them to him, but, in reviewing the books, I realised that he was too young to understand the words and phrases used. Therefore, during my review of book #1, I got hooked myself!! I have the entire set! As of now, I just started book #2. I love the story so far!!I look forward to more, even though I am only at the point in the story where I am. It keeps me wondering what will happen next. Thank You for you and Harry Potter! Guess at heart there is a child in all of us!

Submitted by Christina
(Jan 03, 2001)

I must admit that I thought that the Harry Potter books were absolutely ridiculous, but I got the books for Christmas and decided to give 'em a chance. Oh God was I wrong!! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT THESE BOOKS DOWN!!! There is an excellent blend of action, mystery, fantasy, drama, and comedy. They are great for anyone, no matter what age!! J.K. Rowling, you go girl!!!

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