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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Anonymous
(Dec 28, 2000)

Harry Potter is one of the best books I have ever read and that is saying something. It took forever for my friends to get me to read them because I am into classics and stuff. But once I finished the first chapter of the first book, I didn't stop.I read each book,one a day, because I could not put them down! These books gets capture your attention with all the force it can muster! I can not wait for the 5th book to come out so PLEASE J.K. Rowlings put the fifth book out on the market because I won't be able to stand waiting for much longer!!! These books are the likes that I have Never seen before!They are so creative and unpredictable that it is amazing! I love J.K. Rowlings!

Submitted by Anonymous
(Dec 23, 2000)

I love Harry the Harry Potter series. They were so good that sometimes I read until midnight so I could see what happened next.

Submitted by
(Dec 23, 2000)

J.K. Rowling's books about Harry Potter are great! Once I start reading one of them I can't put it down until I finish! She is my fav. author! She also lives in my favorite country that I've ever been to, England. I hate it when people think that their to cool to read her books! `Cause her books are cooler than them! I think everyone should read Harry Potter before they say anything bad about it. Anyway, I can't wait `till the 5th book comes out. It sounds like it will be good.

Submitted by Elizabeth
(Dec 08, 2000)

I can't believe that I, a 42 year old woman would get hooked on a "childrens" book series. Our pet sitter showed up with the latest book, she is even older than I so I thought there may be something to it. Mainly I was looking to see what the negative hoopla was about. I have just finished the third book and kick myself for not buying the fourth while at the bookstore yesterday. I love them. The story line is like a Sci-Fi Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. A child would have to have a really active sense of imagination to draw evil things from the books. I believe the Tolkein Trillogy when I grew up delved and nurtured much more evil things than Harry Potter does. This series to me teaches right from wrong, compassion and friendship. I love them!

Submitted by seth
(Dec 08, 2000)

im not an avid fan of reading novels. in fact some of them bore me. but when my father bought the first harry potter and gave it to me... i cursed myself for not reading it earlier! harry potter rocks and will rock some more!!!miss rowling... I LOVE YOU!!! when is the 5th book coming out?

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