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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Luke Boulter
(Nov 02, 2000)

I have read all 4 Harry Potter books and I must say I am highly impressed by all of them. I myself am 14 and a fond reader, yet it has been a long time since I have read such a magical and griping book! The way J.K Rowling captures the sense of feeling in the books so you feel like your are there. It's like you can touch the story, when harry hears the last screams of his mother defending him from Voldemorts wrath when he's near the Dementors or when his Godfather asks him to live with him.  I just hope the rest of the books are as fun and captavating to read.  I can't wait to read them!!

Submitted by James Burkhardt
(Oct 30, 2000)

The Harry Potter book series is for sure the best books I've ever read!Harry Potter books have such complex words.It's amazing how real, but fake J.K.Rowling makes Harry Potter's life sound.

Submitted by Andy Latham
(Oct 25, 2000)

All I have to say is, finally!  I've never seen a fantasy book that is so easy to get into.  I hate to admit it but these books are really good.  This is definatley NOT the best fantasy series (That's either The Lord of The Rings, or The Wheel of Time), but they are great because they will turn many people to the wonderful world of fantasy literature.  These books are by far the best beginners fantasy books EVER.  Even if you are a die-hard fantasy fan, these books will pull you away from the real world for a week or two (They are rather short books).  Highly recommended, especially if you've never read fantasy before.

Submitted by
(Oct 25, 2000)

My girlfriend and I were in a bookstore one afternoon, and since she is a kindergarten teacher she was telling me of a "chapter book" she was reading to her children, and how they just loved it. I was interested in trying it out, I do love to read. WELL, the first book in the series I read in 2 days. I WAS HOOKED!

What a great series. I can't talk highly enough of the book's. I have just completed the fourth book. Can't wait till the fifth book. WOW, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, all words to describe this series and still not right. Keep it up J.K.Rowling, you have a fan in me! Thanks.

Submitted by Shara Luedke
(Oct 22, 2000)

Dear J.K.Rowling,
I would like to tell you that your writeing is... SUPERB!!!!  You are a wonderful writer!  When I first looked at your book- Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone that I recieved on christmas day i though oh, ok here's another book to read.  Thought the next Morning/day when I decided to see wether or not this book was good at all I recieved a surprise.  I couldn't tear my eye's away from it!  I finished the book the same day!!!  After that I was addicted to the series.  I quikly bought the other two books that were out at the time and disolved into them both!  Then your 4th book came out and I loved it as well!  Thank you!
age 14

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