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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by kichelle
(Sep 30, 2000)

i am 13, and i love love love to read. i have read every one of the harry potter books at least 8 times. my fave by far is book 3 though.

i think it is stupid how some parents wont let there kids read them, because they think its satanic and all that jazz.  but, guess what, i go to a christian private school, and even they dont mind us reading them!

Submitted by Anonymous
(Sep 30, 2000)

Harry Potter is the best book series i have ever read. All my friends are reading it and i thought it was only some boring book. I like Harry Potter so much that i bought the Chamber of Secrets before they were all sold out. I hope the 5th book is coming out soon because i am really looking forward to it.

Submitted by justin
(Sep 25, 2000)

I think that the harry potter books are very good books to read for all ages I am 12 and my younger cousin and I read these books all the time I myself have read each one at least 4 times and each time is like the first. I don't understand why J.K. Rowling had to put graphic violence on the book because it was not even that violent.Any child in the world can walk into an arcade and play a game ten times more voilent then the book ever could be.These books are so great I think they should be added to every school's curriculum starting fom sixth grade and up they are that good.

Submitted by Michael
(Sep 25, 2000)

i think these books are the mos awesome books i have ever read and this is coming from some one who doesn't really like to read.  I have never read a book that i wanted to read over and over agin until i was introdeuced to these.

Submitted by Rachel
(Sep 21, 2000)


  This is out to people who are against Harry Potter.  S H U T U P!!!!  Harry Potter is a spark to the imagination!  I love ALL of the books.  J.K. Rowling is an inspiration to women everywhere!  She sets examples for women that have fallen on their faces.  All of the so called Christians that critisize her works should get a life!  If they actually READ the books they would know that it is wonderful!  And if anything, it teaches children right from wrong.  It tells you how to handle sittuations correctly.  Satanic?  N O  W A Y! 
Email if you agree or disagree.  I THINK THEY ARE THE BEST!

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