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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Keith
(Sep 16, 2000)

Harry Potter is without doubt the most painless method yet devised for introducing children to the well of information from which everyone should drink who hopes to become educated.  The numerous and dense allusions to such diverse bits of culture as Greek Mythology, Saxon Kings and even Guy Fawkes Day and the judicious naming of characters from Malfoy to Lupin provide numerous opportunities for pouring a little knowledge now and then down the young maw.  God bless Harry Potter!

Submitted by Amanda
(Sep 16, 2000)

I am 24 years old and a great fan of the Harry Potter books. I also tutor English and am training to be a Primary Teacher. After harrassing one of my students, a boy in year 7 who would normally have to be cajoled and bullied into reading anything, into trying Harry Potter, I was amazed at the results. My student not only raced through the first book in a week but promptly devoured the second and third. His parents have told him they won't buy the fourth until it comes out in paperback so he is seriously considering buying it using his own pocket money. An eloquent testimony to the power of JK Rowling, I think anyone would agree. I have seen similar scenes at the after school care where I work - boys who would normally be fighting or making mischief are sitting down and reading. I don't care how many parallels can be drawn between Potter and Star wars, anything that can get kids reading is a good thing.

Submitted by Jo-Ann
(Sep 03, 2000)

My daughter (Jenny) read the first of the Harry Potter series and she just loved it!  I too think it's a good book with lots of imagination, very creative.  Of course this is fantasy and fiction and we do teach this to our children. There are some out there who are afraid to let their kids read this because they believe it is "evil", but they are usually the ones that are afraid of everything and won't read the book themselves. We plan on getting the rest of the series.

Submitted by Genny
(Sep 03, 2000)

I cant even say how much I love love love these books. I am sure that I am saying what every one else is saying, and that is how absolutely fabulous these books really are!!! You truly get addicted to them! I will seriously cry when I am through reading all of them! And I CANT WAIT...and I mean that literally..I REALLY CANT WAIT, till five and the rest of them come out! These books are phenomenal and every one of all ages should read them!!

Submitted by Sonja
(Aug 26, 2000)

For months before I read any Harry Potter books I had been hearing alot about them. every where I went It was Harry Potter this, Harry Potter that. Then I ordered it through a magazine. It took me a while to get around to reading it, because I knew it couldn't be all that my friends said it was. I was right, it was beter. That was the most exciting book I've ever read. Harry Potter books aren't like all the other books about whiches and magic, it's not unrealistic. It's they're best books I've ever read, and I've read the first three books six times, and the fourth book, three times. I think anyone in the world would love to read these books.

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