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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

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Submitted by Marty Berg 
(Jun 26, 2002)

I love Harry Potter. I can't tell you how amazed I was at the brilliance of J.K. Rowling's imagination and writing. To come up with a whole world that has every detail in place is a challenge itself, but to do it with a page turning essence is soooo enjoyable to the reader it's almost not fair to have to wait for the 5th book. I read a lot, but I never read Harry Potter, I felt it would be to easy of a read. I was wrong! I loved it! I picked up the first book a few months before the Sorcerer's Stone came out and wanted to relate to the movie. I read the 1st book in about 4 hours. I went on to read the whole series in 4 days. I explain to my children (7 & 5)the outline of the books so they can understand the movies better and in depth. I too was very irritated at the claims of devil worshiping and brainwashing. Bottom line: Reading is supposed to be entertaining and allow your imagination run into endless possibilities. Harry Potter has done that for millions of people of all ages and will continue to do so. Thanks!

Submitted by Jo Davis 
(Apr 30, 2002)

I thoroughly enjoyed the first 4 Harry Potter books and can't wait for the next 3. I'm 39 years old and my 11 year old nephew lent me the 1st book, since then I've bought my own. I also read Tolkein, McCaffrey, Anthony, King. But since reading the first 'Harry' I've added Ms Rowling to the authors books I order at my local bookshop as soon as there is a publishing date. And I will add I normally order books as soon as there is a publishing date. Wonderful Stories, Brilliant characters, can't wait for the next book let alone the two after that.

Submitted by Aslan 
(Mar 11, 2002)

There is a reason why the Harry Potter book series have been so successful, because they're great. J.K. Rowlings, the author of the famous books does an spectacular job of entertaining kids and adults. Her writing takes the reader to a new world, one that is fascinating, mysterious, and intriguing. The magical world that is described in the book takes your breath away and makes you dream that you were a witch or a wizard.

Most of the parents who have bought the series for their children have become so interested that they too have read the book like a child. The reason that most people seem to connect to this fabulous book is because this book represent the magical world like no other book and makes you want to keep on going until you finish. The adults, like their children, enjoy using their imagination and thinking about a place that they would like to visit where it was magical.

The new turn the Harry Potter books have had on children is one that helps them thinks and develop their imagination. The children might tend to relate to this book more than their parents because the main character is a child and faces the problems that many children face in their daily events, which most parents do not seem to face.

Submitted by Mark Owen 
(Mar 04, 2002)

What a fantastic set of stories. I really like the way I can read them myself as an adult but also read them to my children who can't wait for the next chapter each night. The narrative and the characters are written on two levels and as an adult I can catch the subtle nuances between characters that the kids dont.

The film of the first book was fantastic and I cannot wait for the next one or the other three books. I hope that JK Rowling is able to finish them all and even go beyond the education of Harry at Hogwarts in subsequent books.

Thankyou to the author and publisher who have brought great delight into a super read.

Submitted by 
(Jan 07, 2002)

I am science student of 16 years but my favourite hobby is to read books. Recently I came across the 4 th book in the Harry Potter series. I started reading it hoping to be bored throughout by a fantasy story, but lo and behold it was one of the best books I have ever come across and now I am a die hard fan of J K Rowling and of course Harry Potter .The author opened to me the wonderful world of Howgwarts where I was not just a muggle reading the book of magic, but so was the script that I Felt I was another student out there {preferably a gryffindor}enjoying with Harry Ron & Hermione. Within a month I was the owner of all the Harry potter books and now also the movie cd .I am eagerly awaiting the next book .Please J K Rowling make it fast & hope to get some more wonderful books like this!

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