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Icewind Dale Trilogy by R. A. Salvatore

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Submitted by Daevyd 
(Mar 09, 2009)

Just finished the trilogy. After hearing rave reviews about Salvatore's work, I finally got around to reading it, and what better place to start than with the book that he introduced Drizzt Do'Urden in.

To be honest, I didn't find the book to be very intellectually engaging (before anyone can accuse of being an intellectual snob, let me just say - "guilty as charge!") Yes, the setting is stereotypical - same ol' monsters (orcs, goblins, giants, blablabla) and same ol' races (humans, elves [drow?], dwarves, blablabla), but, notwithstanding that the author practically recycled Tolkien-ian mythology, Salvatore's storytelling skills are formidable. It's like reading an action movie - you just sit back and enjoy the ride. The characters were easy to understand, and my favourite was of course the man, or rather the drow himself, Drizzt Do'Urden. Although I thought that some of the other characters weren't as well developed, but, hey, one can't have everything to one's liking.

But, like I said, the books were enjoyable. I just couldn't put it down because the action moved at a breakneck pace. The fight sequences can be a bit draggy, but no draggier than some other stuff I read recently (Chronicles of Amber comes to mind!)

Oh yeah, coming from a D & D background made me love the books even more. Now where did I put my D20?

Submitted by James 
(Jun 27, 2006)

A brilliant intoduction to a brilliant series of books. The Dale Trilogy was my introduction to the world of Salvatore and convinced me to continue reading it ever since. To summarize-Drizzt is a drow, a race of subterreanean, evil elves wit hblack skin. Drizzt has only found acceptance (and that grudging) in a community known as Ten-Towns, in the far North of the surface. Drizzt is a good Drow and ranger, serving the goddess Mielikki, Lady of the Forest.
The Crystal Shard is the tale of a young, pathetic sorceror who comes upon Crenshinibon, a xentient artifact on incredible power. Aided by this the izard calls forth an army and prepares to destroy Ten-Towns.
Streams of Silver is the tale of an adventure by Drizzt and his companions to reclaim to ancient dwarven mine of Mithral Hall, the birthplace of Bruenor Batttlehammer, Drizzt's great friend. Secrets from Regis's(another companion) past come back to haunt the company.
The Halfling's Gem tracks the heroes as they attempt to rescue Regis from his kidnappers.

Submitted by Erik 
(Apr 02, 2005)

This book was the best I have read out of R. A. Slavatore's books. Drizzt Do 'Urden is definetly the best character. The book goes through 3 amazing books, one right after the other.
I saw this book to be like the Lord of The Rings, kinda like it, but totaly different. Ok, now on to some of the characters. Drizzt Do 'Urden, simply the best fighter. Wulfgar, strong barbarian and student to Drizzt. Burenor, stubborn dwarven read bearded miner. Cattir' Brie, lovely female orphaned and raise by Bruenor and future wife of Wulfgar. Regis, troublesome little thief and a halfling. Well there is more but these are the most important characters in the whole Icewind Dale Triliogy.

Submitted by Kurisu 
(Oct 19, 2003)

Oh, this trilogy was great and so much more. Not being an avid reader to begin with, these books got me entirely hooked on the Fantasy genre. The fact I play Everquest and other fantasy games just boosts my love for this trilogy, as it completely engulfed me in the characters' feelings and the surroundings.

Never have I read a trilogy as descriptive, intricately detailed, or addictive as this was. The Dark Elf Trilogy is just as good, and is worth checking out prior to these books to get a generally deeper understanding and compassion for Drizzt.

This book... belongs on anyone's shelf.

Submitted by Andrew 
(May 18, 2003)

I just finished reading the Streams of Silver out of the Icewind Dale trilogy and although I hardly ever read I found I couldn't put this book down.
It was full of excitement and comedy but the character of the dark elf and the assassin were well placed and really cool.
I plan on reading the full series of these books and hopefully put out my opinions of each book for all to know. Now I'll have to leave you with that and dive into the next book.

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